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Lost in Finn Island

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Chapter 12 - Pearl's Story.

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Pearl crashed into the ocean, the pull from the waterfall sucking her inwards until there seemed like there was no escape. "Heeeeeeelp!" she heard a voice from above say. She looked up and saw Jason get snagged by an unknown creature and get carried away until she could see him no more. Every time she tried to call for help, another wave would roll in pull her under and drown out her call. She fought to keep her head above the waves. Looking around her, she spotted a branch hanging just low enough off a tree that she could grab onto it. Swimming with all her might, Pearl slowly made her way to the branch. Once she was close enough, she made a reach for it, but missed. The waves dragged her back towards the waterfall. She swam with all she had, slowly making her way back to the branch. Again she threw her arm out, and this time, was able to get hold of the tree branch. She pulled herself up onto the tree and climbed down the other side. And just in time too. As more and more water kept gushing out of that hole, the pull from the waterfall getting stronger and stronger. Just a few more seconds and she wouldn't have made it! But Pearl wasn't safe yet. She realized that she was on a part of the beach that gets covered by high tide. One look at the sun, and that told Pearl the tide wasn't going down. It was going up. Looking around at her surroundings told her the only way out was climbing up the cliffside she just fell off. *Sigh* "OK Pearl you can do this." And with that, she started making her way up the cliff. Ten minutes in, about halfway up the cliff, the jagged, rough, rocks that she had been using to climb turned into smooth, impossible to grip, stone. She had to resort to sticking her fingers and feet into long vertical cracks and make her way up that way. And, after around twenty minutes of climbing she finally reached the top. "I— I Made it!" The excitement only lasted for a minute though, as a nauseating fog suddenly clouded her mind, and she collapsed on the floor. She woke in a hospital bed, a nurse was typing something in a monitor nest to her. A faint beeping could be heard. "What happened?" Pearl asked to the nurse. "Why am I here?" "Oh, you're awake! Hold on I need to call the doctor here." and with that the nurse got up to leave. Pearl felt a searing pair on her right ring finger that was bandaged, and her head hurt like crazy. After a few minutes, the doctor came in with the nurse from before. "Hello, I'm Dr. Troy, this is Megan." he said with a gesture towards the nurse. The nurse nodded slightly and gave a weak "Hi." In response, Pearl whispered, "Umm… hi?" "How are you doing, feeling any pain?" asked the doctor. "What am I doing here?" asked Pearl. "A couple came in here saying that they had found you lying on the floor dangerously close to a cliff. The team went out to investigate and it was true! You were brought here where they treated your wounds and took an x-ray of you. I'm sorry to say you broke your ring finger somehow. You'll have to stay here for at least a day or two to make sure there are no further complications." The doctor said. "Oh." She glanced down at her finger, which had a bandage around it. "Do you remember what you were doing before you fainted? Initially the rescue team thought you were planning to jump off!" said the doctor. "What?!? I had just finished climbing up the cliff. Why would I jump back down?" "You climbed up that cliff?!" the doctor and nurse gasped at the same time. *Sigh* "It's a long story." Pearl started. "I was swimming in the ocean late in the evening, when I realized how far I had drifted from land..."


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