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Lost in Finn Island

''Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow's the day!'' chanted Chloe as she ran around yard reminding her three friends Michael, Pearl, and Jason about their long-awaited trip to Finn Island.''Tomorrow, really?'' said Michael.''Already?'' asked Pearl, ''time really can fly!'' ''I can't wait to go swimming, and drink coconuts and have so much fun!'' said Jason. The four friends lived in Naperville, a faraway planet where everything was good and great. Friendship had brought them together from a series of events that occurred. The beach, the cabin, the pebbles, they had all helped to form this group. Things seemed to be going perfect! Little did they know that the adventures and mystery of what they were about to go through would change their perspective of the world, morph their view of greatness and bring them to places one could only dream of going. This is their story.
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Chapter 2 of 16 - No, no, Moonstone!

''Moonstone! MOONSTONE!'' shouted Pearl. ''Hey! Come back here!'' *Crash!* Pearl ducked as one of Moonstone's plush toys was sent flying straight towards her face. ''You naughty, naughty, Naughty girl! Come Back!!!'' *Crash!* *Bang!* *Screeeech!* ''I. . . gotcha!! Ha!'' fumed Pearl, ''I will ALWAYS have control of this house! And now you need a bath.'' ''What happened!?!'' said Chloe with a terrified expression on her face. Pearl, taken by surprise, quickly turned to face Chloe, ''What? Oh, hi Chloe. . .'' ''Great time to be alive huh?'' ''No, not really. Can't you see all around?'' replied Pearl ''I meant it as a joke!'' explained Chloe, ''Here, I'll help you clean up this mess.'' ''Thanks.'' An unspoken 'I told you so' rung though Pearl's head as she thought back to her first day here in Naperville. ''Maybe I should have thought more before taking such a big decision.'' ''No, that is what cats are for. You train them to be nice but you can't expect them to not be wild after being shut up in those cages at the pet shop. Moonstone just needs some time to get used to her newfound freedom. Your job is to teach her to use it wisely like any good kitten.'' said Chloe. ''After a few days Moons should be all fixed up. Just use the right tools, techniques, and telecommunication.'' ''Who are you, Albert Einstein?'' Just that moment Moonstone appeared with a rat in her mouth. She seemed to have a: ''There. It's fine, I caught it. Are you proud of me?'' expression on her face. ''Moonstone!!'' exclaimed Pearl. ''I am going to get you SOOO good!!'' After Moonstone had her bath, got dried, ate a fish, and crashed in her bed, the two started talking again. This time the conversation veered towards a raffle that was going to be held for a three acre island off the coast of Springlin Beach. ''Tell me Pearl, how much of a chance do you think you have of winning the raffle?'' asked Chloe. ''I don't put my hopes on raffles, but you never know. . .'' The two promised each other that if either one of them won the raffle, they would share the island and live there together. The next day, as Pearl waited for results, the TV suddenly popped on to the subject again. Pearl looked in her hands onto the ticket saying the numbers ''7-5-2-6-9-3''. Her head jerked up as she heard the man on the TV say, ''And the winning numbers are. . .''


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