Lights, Camera, Alpha!!!

Hayden Dios is a 16-year-old, asexual, tomboy-ish hothead with a passion for film and camera work. When she and her family are invited to Miami so Hayden can help shoot a movie, she's totally thrilled to say the least. She'd always wanted to go to Florida! However, things start going sour when perverted boys, abusive coworkers and more get in her way. But Hayden's the alpha wolf, nothing should stop her! Can she use her alpha powers and strategy (and her new friends Ahliya and Levi) to make this movie a success?
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Chapter 1 of 22 - The Letter that Changed Everything

"That's a wrap, everyone!!!" Hayden Dios shouted into her headset. The lights in the studio brightened gradually, showing of Hayden's light brown hair, glowing exotic skin, and sky-blue eyes. Her tall wolf ears twitched as her friends, Husky and Leo, walked off stage. "God, that was a brutal scene," Leo groaned playfully, pulling off his tribal mask and over-decorated boots. "Oh come on, that was the lightest material Star could use to make it look authentic!" Hayden laughed, tousling the boys' hair playfully. "I just didn't like the fact that we had to kiss on camera like that," Husky smirked, smoothing don his hair and leaning on Leo. "Oh sure, like you weren't asking me to kiss you before!" Leo shot back, grabbing Husky into a huge bear hug. Hayden sighed as she looked at the two boys. She really did love how much they cared for each other, although she could never have the same intimate feelings for someone else. Growing up, Hayden's heart was broken and used by both boys and girls alike, despite being a very strong alpha wolf. By thirteen, she had become asexual and mentally incapable of feeling any intimate feelings for another person. She was fine with that, though, as no love life meant she could focus more on her camera work and controlling her alpha powers. Finally, as the day at the studio she worked at (Starry Studios) came to a close, Hayden said goodbye to all her friends and set out for home. When Hayden arrived, her thirteen-year-old brother Lucas was playing basketball in the driveway. "Hey, Hades!!" he exclaimed when he saw his sister. "'Sup, Luc! Is Aunt Connie home?" Hayden asked after high-fiving her bro. Lucas put away his basketball while Hayden walked inside. Hayden and Lucas's mom was a tennis coach, very happy and loved animals. Their dad was the one who Hayden inherited her alpha abilities from, and he was very successful, yet generous, kind and modest. And finally, there was Aunt Connie. Connie was Mrs. Dios's sister and a lot like Hayden; wild, tomboy-ish, asexual, and a total hothead. She's also a successful camerawoman and the one that introduced Hayden to the world of filmaking. As Hayden walked inside the modern, minimalist house, she was instantly met by her aunt. "Hey, hon! I heard you did really good on the final scene of the film, today!" Aunt Connie exclaimed, hugging her niece. "Yup! I'll show you after I say hi to Mom and Dad!" Hayden said. Walking into the kitchen, the delicious smells of freshly baked bread and potatoes wafted around her. "Hello, Hayden. How was filming today?" her mom asked. "Good! We finished the final scene of our mini-movie," Hayden replied, setting her black leather bag on the bar. "That's great news! What was it called again?" Mr. Dios asked while grilling some steak. "The City Boy and the Tribal Chief." Hayden reviewed the script once more, and said to her parents, "Imma bring this up to my room!" When she reached her room, she put the script on her desk, which stretched all the way from one side on the room to another. The entire wall was covered in at least 200 different scripts she had directed in the past, each with their own ID number. Hayden stuck her newest script under one about a mermaid and nymph and labeled it "647773" when all of a sudden... "HAYDEN HAYDEN HAYYYYDEEEEEEENNN!!!!!!!" It was Lucas. He was running in circles while screaming at the top of his lungs and holding a large silver envelope. Hayden rushed downstairs as Mrs. Dios frantically tried calming her son down. Suddenly, something caught her eye. It was the silver envelope lying on the ground next to Lucas. Hayden picked it up delicately and studied the writing, which almost made her fall over. "... Bridgette & Brittany Productions Studio..." everyone was silent. B&B was a very famous movie production company that made movies of all genres. And guess who they were writing too? "Hayden, its for you!!!" Lucas shrieked. Hayden was stunned. Why would such a famous studio write to her? "Open it, honey..." Connie said. She had actually worked with B&B for a period of five years before moving in with her sister and her family. Hayden cleared her throat and read the letter inside with a shaky voice: "Dear Hayden Dios, We hope you and your family are doing well. After watching several of your social media movies, we would like to send our most sincere compliments on your script and camera work. However, that is not the main reason we're writing. As you may know, one of our most skilled camera workers got into an accident last winter that, unfortunately, ended his career. Even more unfortunate, we were getting ready to start shooting scenes for our latest movie "Fighting For Love". However, when we saw your videos, we knew you had the skill to pull off this movie. In short, we ask if you and your family come to Miami so you can be one of our camera girls. It will not be easy, and we completely understand if you reject our request, but we do kindly ask that you take it into consideration. Enclosed is a list of necessary contact information and producer names. Please send us your reply as soon as possible so we can work out a necessary time frame. Again, we wish the best for you and your family. With best regards, Bridgette and Brittany Productions"


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