Lights, Camera, Alpha!!!

Hayden Dios is a 16-year-old, asexual, tomboy-ish hothead with a passion for film and camera work. When she and her family are invited to Miami so Hayden can help shoot a movie, she's totally thrilled to say the least. She'd always wanted to go to Florida! However, things start going sour when perverted boys, abusive coworkers and more get in her way. But Hayden's the alpha wolf, nothing should stop her! Can she use her alpha powers and strategy (and her new friends Ahliya and Levi) to make this movie a success?

Created by: StarryGirl

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Chapter 3 of 5 - Meet Brittany and Bridgette...

As the Dios' car climbed through valleys and mountains, Hayden began wondering if she had somehow made a mistake. Her whole life, she had wanted to be able to get her films on the silver screen. Now, she was getting the chance of her life, but she realized she hadn't thought it through at all. One of Hayden's biggest concerns was male actors. What's so bad about them? Nothing, Hayden had full respect for all actresses and actors. The problem was, Hayden was very attractive. Her light brown hair, fair skin and slim body shape got her in some trouble with some of the guys. She often accidentally seduced or attracted males, and because she was asexual, that's when things could get ugly. That wasn't Hayden's only concern, however; she was also nervous about what the actual producers were like. She'd seen news stories about famous producers getting fired from the film business for being too expectant and harsh to their coworkers. "Hey, Aunt Connie?" she asked. "You've worked with Brittany and Bridgette before, right? What are they like?" "Well..." Connie started. "It's been some time since I've worked with them, but I remember Brittany being very outgoing and trendy. She'd oversee most wardrobe, hair, and makeup sessions so they'd look how they were supposed to. Bridgette, on the other hand, is somewhat quiet and emotionally reserved due to some abuse in her past. However, she's very cool, smart, and sweet. They also never abused their coworkers and are very loose on deadlines, so I think you'll be just fine, hon!" Hayden breathed a sigh of relief; that was good. Suddenly, she felt her hand being squeezed... by her brother Lucas. "Hades, don't worry about how you'll be treated, alright? You got serious talent, and no one can disrespect it, okay?" he assured her with a smile. "And don't worry! Your an alpha, so if any dudes make a pass on you, you can kick their ass!!!" "Lucas!" Mrs. Dios exclaimed, shocked by her son's crude language. "Where on earth did you learn that word?!" "Ummm... school?" Everyone began laughing as the mountains towering above them grazed the sun's surface. "Okay, we're here!" Connie announced. It was about 7:30 that day, so the sun was still setting over the city of palm trees and lights. The family had arrived at the studio hotel, slightly smaller than the surrounding hotels and inns, but still massive and modern. "Brittany and Bridgette said they'll be waiting for us in the hotel lobby... so why don't we head inside and get situated?" Connie said, almost jumping with excitement. As the group walked inside the spacious doors, Hayden was almost completely taken away by how big it was. The sterile-white walls made the black sofas, tables and chairs stand out, with modern art by some of the worlds most promising artists hanging on the tall walls. And... standing right by the receptionist desk, were two females in trendy clothing that complimented their tan skin. The only way they were different was their hair color; one's tresses were frizzy and a vivid shade of red, and the other's was very long and wavy, with a nice silver color. As soon as Connie saw them, they gasped. "Oh my god, Connie!!!" the redhead squealed. She and Connie ran over to each other, meeting in the middle with a huge hug. "Hey, Brittany! How are you?" Connie exclaimed. "We're doing terrific! Where's Hayden?!" Brittany said, almost bursting with excitement. "Over here, sis!" Bridgette waved, standing near Hayden. Shaking her hand kindly, Bridgette carefully inspected Hayden with a smile as Brittany rushed over. "Hayden! Such a pleasure to meet you!" she said, shaking Hayden's hand. "It's wonderful to meet you as well!" Hayden said. "Tonight there's gonna be a outside cookout for the whole cast... would you like to come and meet everyone?" Bridgette stuttered shyly. Hayden nodded. Aunt Connie was definitely not lying about Bridgette being shy; she often twiddled with her fingers, and barely ran when going to greet Connie. "When will the cookout be?" Connie asked. "About 9 pm tonight... and Hayden?" Brittany said. "Welcome to the crew, Hayden!"


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