Lights, Camera, Alpha!!!

Hayden Dios is a 16-year-old, asexual, tomboy-ish hothead with a passion for film and camera work. When she and her family are invited to Miami so Hayden can help shoot a movie, she's totally thrilled to say the least. She'd always wanted to go to Florida! However, things start going sour when perverted boys, abusive coworkers and more get in her way. But Hayden's the alpha wolf, nothing should stop her! Can she use her alpha powers and strategy (and her new friends Ahliya and Levi) to make this movie a success?

Created by: StarryGirl

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Chapter 2 of 4 - Scene: To Miami! Take one!

Everyone stared in silence. B&B had just personally invited Hayden to work as one of their camera folk down in Miami. Finally, with a shaky voice, Hayden delicately placed the letter back in the silver envelope. "This has to be a prank... it just has to be..." she whispered. "No, its real! See, it was signed by Bridgette and Brittany themselves!!!" Aunt Connie exclaimed, almost in tears. "I'm... going to Florida... and shooting a movie..." Hayden gasped. The feeling had finally set in. All of a sudden, everyone was cheering and yelping and dancing all over the place. Everyone was completely ecstatic as Mrs. Dios called the studios and set up the time frame for when she'd be going. After a very long two-hour talk on the phone, Hayden's mom hung up and filled her family on what would be happening. "Alright," she said to grab everyone's attention. "... we'll be going to Miami in about a month and living there for 6-9 months, depending how well filming goes. We'll be living in a very large, spacious and prepaid suite near the studios, and Hayden, you will be working at the studio for about 7-9 hours a day. They even said that they'll pay you..." Mrs. Dios let out a small squeak before continuing. "... 50k." Hayden was barely able to breathe. Going to Florida would be a big enough motive, as Hayden had never been out of her home state of Texas. Now she was getting paid?! This was more that enough to propel Hayden and Lucas to start packing right away. "Guys, can you gather around?" Hayden called to her crew. Her friends Star, Layla, Leo, Husky, Allister and Ashe gathered around her as she fidgeted with her thumbs. She was more nervous than excited about telling them the amazing news. "Hi, Hayden. You alright?" Allister asked. Hayden took a deep breath. "So... recently I was contacted by a very famous movie studio, and... well..." and she told them. Every single detail came rolling off her tongue. With each word, Hayden's friends' mouths widened and widened. "... so, in short, I'm going to Miami for about 6-9 months to be working on this movie..." Hayden concluded, breathing heavily. There was a suspenseful silence... then out of the blue: WHAM!!! Star basically tackled Hayden to the ground, giving her a huge bear hug! "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!" she screamed while squeezing the crap out of her friend. "MY BEST FRIEND IS GONNA BE WORKING ON A MOVIE WITH B&B STUDIOS!!!!" "C-can't... breath..." Hayden gagged. "Sorry about that, Hades. I'm just so happy for you!" Star grinned sheepishly as she helped her friend up. Everyone else gave Hayden a standing ovation for getting a spot as a camera woman and assured her she was gonna be great! So, because Hayden was leaving in five days for Miami, Ashe and Allister had bought a ton of snacks and the studio cast spent the rest of the day pigging out on chips and cookies (some salad for Hayden). Finally, Layla approached her. "I wanted to give this to you on your birthday, but this is a better occasion for it," she said, presenting Hayden with a small, portable, high-tech camcorder with a detachable mic. "Wow, Layla! I love it so much!!!" Hayden exclaimed, checking out the neat features. "I thought you would. 2 A batteries for energy, hooks up with any computer, and is perfect for behind-the-scenes documenting" Layla explained. At the end of the day, Hayden felt sad about leaving her friends... but now she was going to Miami! She knew this was gonna be one heck of an experience!


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