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Last witches

Long time ago lived witches till one day the demon king, Tyler wanted them dead! But two witches who very kind and cute but yet dangerous and powerful knew that Tyler wanted all witches to be dead. But that was pregnant with a boy and a girl, that found a hole to rest in and Tyler knew they was out there. Then the two kids was born, there parents died and they had to do everything by themselves!
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Chapter 1 of 4 - Different marks

Long time ago lived witches, powerful ones, kind one, mean ones and beautiful ones! And there we meet a evil king named Tyler! “Guards kill all witches, I hate them flying up in the sky and they are evil” cried Tyler near a pond. So the guards went searching for witches and they couldn't find any witches. But Little did Tyler know there was a witch under the pond who heard him and yes she is the witch of water, very powerful. And so the water witch, Ocean went to find the witch of earth named Aqua. Ocean told Aqua but days later they forgot about it. Those two witches was pregnant and when they was pregnant they were very weak. They remembered what Tyler said near a pond when they heard a witch say “one of are witches died!” so Ocean and Aqua ran away from the town day. At the present day, there babies was born with a mark on its face. The girl had a skull mark and the boy had a shamrock mark, their parents was shocked. They was shocked because of there marks was different from their mark because Aqua's mark was not a skull it was a animal footprint. And Ocean's mark was not a shamrock, it was an cloud! Ocean said “when are we going to name them, the boy would be.... hmmmm Liam. The girl Luna, I like it.”


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