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This story is about a two sisters named Edalyn and Lillith Coker. A murderer named Kyle Keishi has dedicated his whole life (since elementry school) to make Eda and Lily's mother (Bella Coker) to love him, and he'll do WHATEVER it takes. PS I have never written a thriller so please give me advice, thx :)!! Enjoy!
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - Kidnapped

My whole life, my sister, mother and father were all I needed, I didn't know what I would do without them. By the end of this story, my whole life changes, and not for the better. Now let me tell you of the worst experience of my whole life. It was 5:00 am on a Saturday when my mom woke me and my little sister Lillith (who's nickname is Lily) up. "Mom! I am a 13 year old that needs sleep!" I yelled. "Yeah mommy! I'm a 5 year old who needs sleep too!" Lillith pouted. "Don't you girls remember? Today is the day that we go to Stockholm, Sweden today!" Mom told us. I fell out of bed I was so excited. "Oh yeah! I can't wait!!!" I shouted, brushing myself off. "I'm gonna eat more Swedish Fish than ever before!" Lily said proudly and jumped out of bed. "Hey kiddos!" My dad shouted and walked into our bedroom. "Daddy!" Lily yelled, running into his open arms. "Hey dad!" I said, following Lillith. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it! C'mon Lily," I said. I opened the door with Lily holding onto my hand. "Hi there, what do you need?" I asked the man. He was dressed in all black and had a hoodie and a mask on that covered his face. "May I speak to your parents?" He asked. His voice sounded like nightmares. "Uh, sure dude," I said. "Mom, dad! Some guy wants to see you both!" I shouted. Mom and dad came to the door with us. "Honey, close the door," my mom whispered to me. But right about I was about to close the door, the man grabbed my sister and I, stuffing us in the trunk of his car. "Sissy, what happened?" Lillith asked, crying. "I d-don't really know," I said, wiping my little sister's tears. We heard our parents screaming in the back on the car. "Who the heck do you think you are!" My mom screamed. I heard thumping noises, which meant my mom was probably kicking. "Eda (which was my nickname), are we gonna die?" Lily asked, shaking. "Of course not Lily." But to be honest, I didn't know the answer to that question. The ride was bumpy, and very dangerous since we were stuffed in the back of a car. After a while we stopped moving, the man opened the trunk and the back door, he revealed himself. He was.....


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