Genre: fantasy    Tags: #new #school #girl #africa

Just Friends

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Chapter 1 - New

Ding Dong Bong Bing went the melodic sound of Iris's alarm clock. Iris rushed out of bed and got in her new school uniform, a white button down, a green plaid skirt, and a navy pullover vest. She brushed and braided her long and thick blond hair and tied it with a bright blue ribbon that matched her eyes but was a bit brighter than her pullover vest. She put on her white socks and her black dress shoes. She ran down stairs and ate some scrambled eggs and toast with butter on one half and peanut butter on the other half. She packed an apple- green of course- and her books and then kissed her baby sister and her mom on the head and started walking to the bus stop. She got to the bus stop right the bus did so she hopped on. When she got on, the bus smelled extremely good, probably because this was an all girls school and no boys got on the bus. It turned out that her stop was the last stop so when she got on, there was only one seat left on the bus, right next to a girl with long brown hair and dark brown eyes.


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