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Just before Midnight

Every day, Nick wakes up just before midnight. And once the clock reads 11:59 P.M, the strangest things happen to him. Will Nick be able to find out what's happening to him? Or will it ever be too late to save Nick?
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Chapter 1 of 6 - The Monster on the Ceiling

"C'mon Mom, I don't want to go to bed!", Nick said to his Mom. "Nick, you have school tomorrow. You have to rest!", Nick's Mom said. "But Mom, whenever you leave, the monsters know, and then they try to get me!", Nick cried. "Nick, the monsters aren't there, they're all just a part of your imagination. Just pray to God to get all of these thoughts out of your head, and they'll all go away", Nick's Mom explained. Even though Nick's Mom tells him to do this every time, he doesn't do it. But he's done it before, and everything just got worse by the day. It went from flashing lights outside, and then to monsters in the closet. This seemed like a typical imagination for a young 5-year-old child, right? Well, we are soon to find out, that's too good to be true. "Good night honey, go to bed", said Nick's Mom as she kissed him good night. Nick's Mom walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. As the last glimpse of light from the house left Nick's eyes, he got really scared. He knew it was going to be a long night for him, and he was right! Nick tried to get it over with, and try to fall asleep. Eventually, after 2 minutes, he did. 11:59 P.M Nick wakes up just before midnight every single night, and this is always when the events happen. This has only been happening for 5 nights, but they've gotten worse every single time it's happened. Tonight's event the worst it's ever been, just like every new event that takes place. Nick wakes up and realizes it's not morning time yet, so he recognizes this situation: it's happening again. Nick is aware that what's going on doesn't seem real, that's why he tries not to convince himself it's real. But it seems so real to him, that it's not easy to put off. So what happened tonight? Let's find out! Nick stares at the ceiling, hoping nothing will happen. But when he looked at the dark corner of his ceiling, something emerged from it. Nick started to cry, but very silently. It was an unknown being that looked like a combination of a black, emotionless face and a black alien. It had red eyes, sharp teeth, long claws, and blood rolling down its eyes. It looked like something you'd see in a horror movie. Those horror movies that would give you nightmares for days, weeks, even months! It looked like it would never have mercy on you, no matter how many times you'd tell it to stop penetrating your mind. It looked ready to kill, eat you, bury you alive. To the point where it seemed like there's no way you'd survive even thinking about it. The strange, terrifying monster emerged from the dark corner of the black, colorless, hopeless ceiling. Its long claws scraped the ceiling, leaving claw marks at it came into existence. "Nick!", the monster said in a terrifying voice "Hey Nick, I'm here to play!", it chanted. "Go away, go away!!!", Nick screamed. "Now why would I do that? Let's play tag!!!", it screamed in a scary voice. The monster dropped from the ceiling and landed on the ground with enormous force. Nick, terrified, got out from under his covers and ran out of his room. He ran through his dark house, down the stairs, and into the living room. The light from the sunroof above his stairs make the shadow of the monster coming down the stairs stretch down the wall. It walked slowly, taking big, powerful steps. The sound of its enormous weight pounded through Nick's eardrums as it took each step down the stairs. "Hey, Nick! Where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!", the monster yelled. It walked around the house calling for Nick. Nick started looking for a place to hide as he saw its scary shadow stretch across the floor. He decided to hide in the pantry. He ran into the pantry and shut the door behind him. He hid in the corner, trying to make himself as small as possible. Then after 2 minutes of the monster walking around, it stopped right in front of the pantry. Nick could see it's shadow from below the crack of the bottom of the door. It started to slowly turn the knob to get inside. Nick closed his eyes in fear, knowing he was seconds away from getting captured. Then the door flew open, and all of a sudden, he heard his Mom's voice! "Nick, what's going wrong with you? You woke up everyone and it's only 12:35 in the morning!", yelled Nick's Mom. "But Mom, there was a monster chasing me! It came from my ceiling, and chased me downstairs!", explained Nick. "Oh my goodness Nick! There is no monster! Now go back to bed, now!", yelled Nick's Mom. "Ok, sorry", Nick apologized. Nick followed his Mom back up to his room and got back under his warm covers. "Now, go to bed! I love you", said Nick's Mom "Ok, love you too mom", said Nick Nick's Mom then walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. Nick flips over to his side and hoped that this would never happen again. But little did anyone know, this was not the last of this! It was going to happen again tomorrow, just before midnight.


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