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Just before Midnight

Every day, Nick wakes up just before midnight. And once the clock reads 11:59 P.M, the strangest things happen to him. Will Nick be able to find out what's happening to him? Or will it ever be too late to save Nick?
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Chapter 3 of 6 - Werewolf and the Moon

6:00 A.M "Nick...Nick...NICK!", yelled Nick's Mom. She was looking all around the house for him, awake since 5:00 that morning. Eventually, she went into the backyard and found him where he passed out from last night. It was a Saturday, so there was no school that day luckily. If there had been, then Nick would've been late for school. "Nick, are you okay?!! NICK!!", she yelled as she shook him. He jumped awake, and slowly met his Mom's gaze. "Mom?", he said, confused. "What are you doing out here in the freezing cold, at 6:00 in the morning?" He hesitated, trying to recall what happened. But he could barely remember any details because he hit his head pretty hard on the ground when he passed out last night. The only thing he could remember was that a clown screamed at him by the backyard gate, so that's what he told her. Nick's Mom looked at him in disbelief. "Nick, did you hit your head or something? Because a clown screaming at you in our backyard, causing you to pass out is well beyond unbelievable", she explained. "....but Mom, it's what I remember", he replied weakly. She stared at him for a few seconds. "Ok, let's get you to the doctor", she said as she stood up without breaking eye contact with him. "What? .....Mom, I don't need to go to the doctor!" "Yes you do, c'mon" She picked Nick up and carried him to the front driveway. She opened the car door and put him in his car seat. Then she got in the driver's seat and they drove off to the doctor. At the doctor's office, 7:35 P.M "Well, he doesn't seem to have any major injuries from the looks of it", the doctor said as she checked out his head. Nick's Mom sighed in relief. "Well, that's good", she said. The doctor examined him more. "But, he might have a potential concussion. So I think we should schedule another appointment to check up on that and make sure he's all good ok?" "Ok, we'll schedule one as soon as possible." They said bye to the doctor and went out to the front desk. They scheduled an appointment on December 22, which was 2 days away. When they were at the reception desk, Nick started to have a headache. It was a bad one this time. But this headache was, well, different. He started to have all of these visions of all of the monsters and scary things that have happened to him so far. He saw some bright flashing lights outside the window of the doctor's office, he saw the monster on the ceiling that he saw two days ago, he saw the clown outside his window from last night, then he saw something he hasn't seen before. He saw the outline of something that looked like a combination of a human and some other animal he couldn't recall. It flickered in and out of existence. Every time it disappeared, his headache went away. But when it came back, it hurt again. This went on for a few minutes, but it stopped when his Mom said something to him. "Nick, let's go", she told him as she put her hand on his shoulder to direct him to the door. They left the doctor's office and went home. As soon as they got home, Nick asked if he could play out in the snow again like he did yesterday. "Ok, but be careful okay, don't hurt your head any more than it already is", Nick's Mom replied. "Ok", Nick said as he left the house As soon as he got outside, he went straight for Will and his secret fort. Will was already there, waiting for him when he went inside. "What took you so long?", Will said when he noticed Nick. "I had to go to the doctor", Nick replied. "For what?" "Because my Mom was worried about all these things that were happening to me, so she took me to the doctor to see if I was alright", he explained. "And what did the doctor say?" "She said that I seemed alright, but they want to make another appointment to see if my head is alright" "Why wouldn't it be alright?", Will asked. Nick thought about it for a moment, recalling last night's events with the clown and how he just blacked out and woke up in the morning in the same spot where he passed out at. "So I had another event last night", Nick said. "Really? What was it this time?", Will asked. "A clown outside my window" Will broke the eye contact with Nick and pictured what it was like for Nick, but he just couldn't imagine something like that. "Hopefully they figure out what's going on because this is making me worried", Will said. "Yeah, me too", Nick agreed. 9:00 P.M It was time for Nick to go to sleep again and as his mom shut the door behind her, his mind wandered. He thought about what he could do to show his parents what was going on. But he drifted off to sleep without realizing how tired he was. 11:59 P.M Nick woke up again just like the nights before. He was expecting something to come out of his closet, or something of that nature, but no! Nothing was happening for the next few minutes, which made Nick happy and concerned at the same time. He was happy that it wasn't happening, but it was kind of weird that it all of the sudden stopped. But he decided that it was his chance to fall back to sleep, so it wouldn't happen. And within 10 seconds, he drifted back to sleep. 3:37 A.M Nick woke up again, thinking it was morning time. But when he glanced outside and looked back at his clock, he realized it wasn't. This was a first for him. He never woke up at 3:00 in the morning before, so that made him even more concerned. Then he heard a noise outside again, which made him think that maybe the clown was back. But then he realized that this was a different sound. It sounded like some sort of animal that was familiar to him. He peeked through his blinds to see what was out there, but he didn't see anything. So he went outside to look at his backyard from a better angle, but he still didn't see anything. But when Nick glanced at the ground, he saw a shadow of something coming from his roof. So he looked up and he saw what cast the shadow. It looked like a man from the angle that Nick saw him from. The man was just standing there, looking at the full moon. This was strange to Nick and also freaked him out that there was a crazy man on their roof. He was about to go back inside to get his Mom, but then the man did something that made Nick stop in his tracks. The man had fallen to the ground, making a weird groan as if he was in pain. Nick backed up to get a better look. But then the man started to stand up again. At first, Nick thought that he was just crazy and was just fine, but then the man did something really strange. He was growing unusually larger than he was before. He was also growing more in the width of his body as well. He started growing hair all over his body, which made him start looking more like an animal, instead of a human. His clothes were starting to rip as his body grew larger and larger. Then the man stopped growing, and the result of all of that made him look scary. The man was no longer a man. He now looked like an animal standing on two legs. A particular animal that made a shiver go down Nick's spine. An animal that ate meat, and had sharp teeth. It was obvious to Nick that he should probably get out of there, but once again, he couldn't move because he was too scared. Then the werewolf let out a howl, tilting its head up slowly towards the moon. Nick was even more scared now, but he was just frozen there with the same old scared expression on his face. The werewolf stopped howling at the moon and stood there not moving for a second. Then it turned its direction towards him. Its whole body was a black silhouette except its glowing yellow eyes that were facing Nick. It started growling showing that it noticed him. It drooled in hunger, making it look more terrifying. Then adrenaline started pumping through Nick's body and he got his movement back. He took off for his backyard door to get back into the house. But then the werewolf jumped from the roof in front of Nick. It landed on all four legs like a wild animal would. Then it stood back on two legs, sizing up on him. It stared at him for a few seconds. Nick didn't know what to do, but then he remembered what he talked to Will about. Remembering that he did what he told Will he would do, and he took off for his backyard gate. The werewolf lunged at him, just barely missing him and crashing into the wall. That gave him just enough time to open the gate and run away from his house. Then the werewolf jumped over the fence and landed behind Nick. He had no choice but to run back towards his house. But then the werewolf jumped again and landed in front of the backyard gate. So he tried to go back the other direction again, but the werewolf kept jumping back and forth, making it seem like he was trapped. Then Nick noticed a ladder to the roof, and that seemed like Nick's only chance to escape it. So Nick ran towards the ladder and started climbing up it, hoping the werewolf didn't knock him over. But surprisingly, it didn't for some reason. He got to the top of the roof and kicked the ladder over so the werewolf wouldn't climb up it. Nick assumed that the werewolf/man used it to get on the roof in the first place. But he soon found out that wasn't the case. It jumped up super high and landed on the roof, but when it landed the house didn't tremble one bit. Nick was now trapped on the roof with this monster about to eat him alive. It started slowly walking closer and closer to him, just like the clown two nights ago. Nick now was on the very edge of the roof, which made it impossible for him to back up any further. The werewolf stepped back and tried to push him, but its hands went right through him. But Nick had braced for the attack, which caused him to lean back a little. That action caused him to lose his balance and fall off the roof. Nick fell 10 feet and hit the hard backyard concrete.......


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