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Just before Midnight

Every day, Nick wakes up just before midnight. And once the clock reads 11:59 P.M, the strangest things happen to him. Will Nick be able to find out what's happening to him? Or will it ever be too late to save Nick?
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Chapter 2 of 6 - The Clown Outside

Nick jumped awake after another eventful night. Exactly after he woke up, he looked back at the dark corner where the monster emerged from, wondering why this kept happening like he does every morning. It snowed over 7 inches the night before, so school got canceled for all the schools in the area, including Nick's. So he got to sleep in and make up the sleep he missed last night. Nick wasn't getting enough sleep every night ever since this was happening. And it was causing him to not be able to focus in school, also causing him stress. He also had these horrible headaches out of the blue at times. He didn't know why, neither did any of his family. But they all figured it was because he wasn't getting enough sleep and wasn't drinking enough water. Nick stayed in bed until 1:00 in the afternoon. When he got up, he was starving because he missed breakfast and lunch. So he got up and went downstairs to fill his stomach. "Hey, lazy-bum. Finally decided to get up?", said Nick's Mom when she noticed him. Nick didn't answer her and went straight for the refrigerator. He scanned through it to find something decent to eat for his breakfast and lunch. Nick's Mom put her hands on her hips and smirked at him. She watched him dig through the fridge for several moments. "You know you could just ask me to make you something right?", she stated. Nick stopped and looked back at her with an innocent face. He shut the fridge and looked back at her. "Um, can you make me 8 waffles with syrup and some whipped cream on top?", he asked quietly. "Forgetting something?", Nick's Mom stated. "What?" "Some extra strawberries with it!", she replied enthusiastically. Nick smiled and went into the living room. As he sat on the couch, he tried not to think about last night. But the memories just kept coming back to him. The strange thing was, the events never happened unless it was 11:59 P.M. This bothered Nick very much. But his thoughts were distracted by his Mom yelling to him that the waffles were ready. Nick sat down and practically inhaled his waffles and strawberries. He asked if he could be excused and went up to his room to get some clothes on. He asked his Mom if he could go play outside. She said he could, and he ran out the door. Nick found his friend Will and they went to their "secret fort" (it was just a cardboard box). Once they got all settled in, they started talking. "So guess what", Nick said "What?", Will asked. "It happened again!", Nick shouted. "No way! What happened this time?" "It was some scary monster that came out of my ceiling! It chased me around and almost got me!" Will looked at Nick in shock. "I'm getting kinda tired of all of this happening when I wake up in the middle of the night! And I think I know what I'm going to do when it happens again.", Nick stated. "What is it?" "I'm going to build a weapon of some sort and use it on anything that tries to get me", Nick replied. "Ok, but what if it doesn't work?", Will asked. Nick hesitated for a moment. "...I'll just run away as fast as I can!" 9:00 P.M It was Nick's bedtime and he had his "secret weapon" under his pillow, ready to be used. "Good night honey", Nick's Mom said as she kissed him goodnight. "Night Mom", Nick said. Nick's Mom smiles and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Nick was afraid, but not afraid at the same time. He was confident that his weapon would work. So to get it all over with, he closed his eyes to go to sleep. 11:59 P.M Nick woke up again just before midnight. He got his weapon out from under his pillow and braced himself. The weapon was a nerf gun. But the bullets had small sharp rocks hot glued to the tips. Nick waited a few minutes, shaking with his weapon in his arms. Then he heard tapping coming from his window. So he looked over at it and pulled up his blinds. When Nick saw what was there, he jumped with fear. It was a scary clown this time. It kind of looked like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but it was slightly different. It was dressed in a black shirt, black shoes, a white tie, and red gloves. It had its front row of teeth hanging over its bottom lip. The teeth were stained red, with blood dripping down from the tips of its teeth. Nick was even more terrified than he was last night. But he had something to protect him this time though. He decided to go outside and try out his weapon. Nick, terrified, ran out to the backyard. When he peeked his head out the back door, but the clown was gone! Nick fully walked outside when he noticed that. He walked over to inspect where the clown previously was. But he didn't notice that the clown was right behind him. It sneakily walked right behind him. Nick noticed the clown's shadow come over his. He turned around very slowly. His heart was practically pounding out of his chest. As he was so scared, he couldn't even move. But the clown didn't do anything, as for it look that it was frozen as well. It just stood there, looking at Nick. Nick, finally got the movement of his body back. Then he shot his nerf gun at the clown. But when the bullet supposedly hit it, it went right through the clown. It started slowly walking closer to Nick. Nick continued shooting at the clown, but the bullets kept going through. Eventually, Nick ran out of bullets, so he started backing away from it, with a terrified look on his face. Then Nick found that he was pinned against his backyard gate. And the clown started leaning down towards Nick's face. He and the clown were almost touching faces. Nick's tears were starting to freeze to his face from the cold outside. Then the clown opened its mouth and let out a grumbling scream. Nick passed out.


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