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Veronica "Vava" Lovei was a normal girl. But then, she started having visions. Her parents died, and nothing was normal again. Then, she was thrust into a mental institution for kids. But nothing was how it seemed. People died. Vava meets DJ, a girl her age who has been through the same kind of things. They become allies. They have to. They need to survive this creature... Bear. And after, they need to survive many more threats in new places.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - Hello

Hi there. I'm Veronica. You can call me Vava. I'm very sad right now. My dad just died in a car accident and my mom just died for drinking too much. I'm only 6! I keep seeing places in my dreams. They look very, corrupted? Is that the word? Yeah. I don't know how to feel! I'm being sent to a place called Hospital Nighma. It's a mental hospital for kids. Like me. It's strange. I barely get any space to myself, and I wake up with blood and sweat on my blanket. Just like a home! This place is underground too! Some kids do get it worse... but I'm still miserable! At least I met DJ. She was sent here because of her mood swings, ADHD, and anger issues. We are friends now. We both hide knives under our pillows in case something comes to attack us. Oh well, good night. The next day... Dear diary, me and DJ and everyone else woke up to something terrible! Our friend Michele is dead! She was stabbed and hung on a wall! And in blood, there's a message that says "Don't look back." It's so scary! The whole place has been attacked! And... I've seen this place in my dreams. Just, AFTER it got attacked! But nobody but DJ believes me. I heard a legend about something called "Ito" that's lives underground in this new place, Anomia. I'm so scared. (Partially inspired by the Roblox game "bear")


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