Genre: mystery    Tags: #drama #king

I know what you did

The king has slipped into a fever with a low chance of survival. Barron (next in line to be king) decides to end him a little faster, As he slipped a bit of poison to finish off his father he appeared to have witness.....
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Chapter 1 of 8 - Im sorry

In the land of whistle (K-Lu-whistle) we are in the king's room where he is resting in bed. His eyes puffy and liquid, his head hot as a fire in a fireplace and sweaty as a hog. his kitchen faucet nose running, drip...drip..drip. next to him though is his oldest yet only child Barron. His skin is tanned like his father, his dark black empty eyes stared right into his father, planning.... The king reeled his head over staring right back at the boy. "my son...", Barron looked at him trying his best to frown and looked worried "yes father" . the king looked at him " may i have some water….." Barron nodded and without missing a beat walked to the kitchen. (awhile later) The maid handed him the water. " Thank you Natalie.." the maid smiled. Barron smiled back " you may now be dismissed" The maid walked away. Barron watched her walk away making sure she wouldn't see this. His chest pounded as he moved closer to the kitchen that stored the poison. Poison is common to keep at a castle in case an unwanted royal came over all it takes is a bottle then Bye! Bye! And their kingdom is yours. Barron took the poison and dumped it all in the cup. His adrenaline started to kick in. the heat pounding as he walked back to the kings room. He held the cup in his hands as his father took sips. Trembling, he tried his best to fight off the tears…. When his father finished the cup he *coughed* and *coughed*. His airways are blocked. "B...Ba..Barron..." he mouth hung open and stayed there. His eyes drained of color. Barron took his crown " it's now time for my coronation" he smirked. Natalie stood near the door holding the empty poison bottle " what did i just get myself into" she thought " i'm...sorry... Your highness" she mumbled behind all the tears.


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