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How It Ends

A girl named Frieda loses her family during the zombie apocalypse and fights every second to stay alive for them for the world
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Chapter 1 of 7 - The Beginning Of The End

12/10/24 Hello my name is Frieda Cartwright, These are my notes during the zombie apocalypse, If you know me and I'm one of them, don't be afraid to pull the trigger. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure all this junk started when doctors were trying to find a cure for some disease that was causing people and animals to just turn into cannibalistic monsters, they tried to lock them up but too many people got infected, including my whole family, even my little brother, I remember playing with him, it's too sad to think about it so I won't, I miss them but I know they'd want me to go on living, so I will. I live in fear of seeing my family as zombies I just can't stand the thought, but if it ever came to it if I had to I might have to kill them, it's sad to say but it's true, I haven't seen a living soul in weeks I've just been lurking in the shadows hoping they won't see or smell me. I'm hungry, tired, thirsty, But nothing is as bad as the loneliness and the fact that I probably will never see my family again, well on earth anyways


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