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His last breath

This is about a boy called Chris who gets bullied every moment of his school life. Life is full of many surprises; not all of them are good ones. This is a cry-worthy story with a sad ending. Well, read the story then!
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Highton Secondary

Life at Highton Secondary School was hard and depressing for Chris Ryder. Chris was scrawny and weak with skinny brown hair that hung simply over his eyes. He considered his eyes his best feature, as they were bright blue and sparkled with a hidden intelligence that Chris tried so hard to hide. He didn't want to be known as a geek as well as a geek. Anyway, Chris lived in a copy house with his mum and six year old sister called Brooke. His dad didn't live with them anymore as he left them when Chris was four years old. Now that Chris was fourteen and in secondary school, things were way more complicated. Then, Chris was given a place at the worst school imaginable (apart from one without food!): Highton Secondary. The grey walls and buildings of Highton hung a film of despair over the school and all beings within it. The students were always miserable and the buildings were small and still. The pupils and teachers were not very different and when they moved at all, they shuffled to their classrooms. The school bell was a slow: ding ding ding that dampened moods more than they already were. The school dinners were revolting and the dinner ladies were the same. It was as if the school wanted everyone imprisoned inside of it to be dull and miserable. The only people that were happy was the bullies. The biggest of all bullies that caused Chris's everyday torture? Brett Johnson. Brett was big and burly, it seemed to be his aim to harm everyone both physically and mentally. His biggest target was Chris. To Brett, beating up Chris was his daily exercise.

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