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Chapter 1 - Snowed in

Hello readers, today you will be reading a story of a red hair, green eyed girl named Cara. She goes to a boarding school called Four Oaks Academy where lives in a dorm room with her roommate Jenna. Well, that is enough intro, let's get to the story. “Ring ring, ring ring” went Cara's alarm clock. “Ugh” said Cara as she reluctantly got out of bed to get dressed. She put on the same wrinkled green and blue plaid skirt and a long sleeved button down shirt and black vest with her school- Four Oaks Academy's crest, a blue jay in golden stitches. She made her bed and opened her curtains and realized that all she could she was snow and snow covered oak trees. She went to her phone and had a message that said school was currently canceled until the snow died down because you had about a 2 minute walk from the dormitories to the main building, and with all of this snow pretty much no one could walk to the main building. She waited a while for her roommate Jenna to wake up and once she did Cara told her the news. They had a small awkward dance party with small jerky movements, even though Jenna was still half in bed. The only clothes that they had in their dorm were their uniforms so they still had to wear those. They went down for their breakfast, usually cheerios and toast but realized that the food was all gone!


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