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Chapter 2 - Pranks, Right?

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In this chapter you will learn about a new character, Aaron, who is Jenna's twin brother. Let's get to the story. “Where is all of the food?” Asked Cara to someone standing near her. “No one knows, it was all gone when everyone got here.” “Hmmm, that's weird.” “The lunch ladies are going as fast as they can to make us all some eggs and bacon for breakfast.” Said the bystander Aaron. “Ok” Cara said. Cara, Jenna, and Aaron all ate their eggs and bacon and went to their first class, science. They got to science class. They sat at their desks and went to try and turn water to ice with chemicals. The teacher went to get their chemical options but when she opened the cabinet all of the vials had no contents! The teacher looked very confused and said that the kids could just talk and do whatever while she tried to find something else to do. “Why is everything going missing?” Asked Cara. “I have no idea” said Aaron and Jenna in sync. “ But, how did the robber get in last night, they lock the school doors at 8:30 every night so someone would have noticed someone not in school uniform walking in before 8:30.” Said Cara. “True” Aaron said. I don't know, but I do know that I have an English project due on Tuesday that I haven't started yet so I am going to work on that.” Jenna said with a bit of a sassy tone. “Fine miss must-get-everything-done-before-the-night-before, do your English project now, I am going to watch my new series.” Aaron said with and even sassier tone. “ Are you going to do your English project right now Cara?” Asked Jenna. “I did it last night, I am going to do a bit more research on this robbery thing.” “Ok” Said Aaron and Jenna in sync. 45 minutes later in the locker hall. “What did you find Cara?” Asked Jenna. “Well, I found out nothing. But, I am going out for a little scavenger hunt tonight to see what I can find. Anyone want to join me?” Cara asked. “We both have to do our English projects.” Said Jenna and Aaron in sync. “Ok then, I have Spanish next and then math, but I will see you at lunch.” Said Cara “Ok” Said Aaron and Jenna in sync. “See you at lunch.” At lunch. “Well, at least the lunch wasn't stolen like the breakfast was.” Said Aaron. “True” Jenna and Cara said. “Are you still doing the so called scavenger hunt tonight? I still don't think it's a good idea.” Said Jenna “Yes I am.” Said Cara matter of factly. “Ok then” Said Jenna. “I will go to my last 3 classes and then swing by our dorm and grab a snack, do some homework and then wait till dark and go with my flashlight, backpack, fingerprint sample sheets, and binoculars.” Cara told them “ Ok then” Said Aaron After three classes, snack and homework. “ I am going down to the cafeteria to look around there and then all of the storage and janitor closets.” Cara told Jenna and Aaron who was on the phone. “I still don't think this is a good idea” Aaron worriedly said. “I'll be fine, I will go to all of my locations twice and see what I can see and then I will be back and change into my dinner clothes.” “Fine” said Jenna and Aaron in sync “ See you soon Cara” said Jenna

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