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Her connection with the future

A teen girl had been having visions. She said they were visions of the future because of all the technology and buildings. It has been 9 years since she had her first vision and now she 16. Join her in her first few days of college.

Created by: Jess_Person

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Chapter 1 of 1 - The main event

It is Monday the 26th of September and Amber is roaming around her apartment making sure she has everything she needs. "Amber, darling, you're going to be late for your first day" called her younger sister. "On my way Arianna!" replied Amber. 35 minutes later, after Amber had dropped her sister off at her school, she had arrived at college. She walked in through the front door and a vision appeared, It was like she had just fallen down the rabbit hole to wonderland. She was in a whole new world. There were robots and mechanical machines everywhere. There were cyborgs and superintelligent animals that could act like humans. The world was being overrun by the new features of the world. This was very shocking and scary to Amber. This vision was worse than any of the thousands of visions she had had before. She had noticed that what she kept seeing was different and more tech-based than the one before it. Amber started to worry about things. "Are robots going to take over the world?!", "Are we going to die like this?" she asked her self sometimes. She tried to find a way to activate and control when she had these visions, and finally after 6 days she had figured it out, She had also found out she can enter her visions and fix any problems and correct the future. She tried her best to change things and save the future from disaster. But nothing would work. One day, on the 19th of October she tried to change things in the moment and tell people about what she had been seeing, unfortunately, no one believed her. Amber tried and tried and then she found someone... To be continued...

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