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Hazel and Morgan

Hazel and Morgan are twins. They both loves to do scientific experiments. Hazel and Morgan are 15 years old. One-day when they created their newest invention everything changed. What happened? What changed?
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Chapter 1 of 3 - Introduction - (About Hazel and Morgan)

Hazel and Morgan are 15 year old Twin Teenagers. They both have a brownish curly hair. Hazel is same like Morgan. Nobody can ever identify them both. They have two elder brothers (Oliver and Lucas) and one younger sister (Mia). Hazel and Morgan both liked to discover things and do Scientific experiments. They had a Laboratory. Hazel and Morgan used to visit the Laboratory to do their experiments. Their Mom(Mary) is a tailor. Their dad(Nick) is a chef. Hazel's elder brother, Oliver was a driver. Lucas, Mia, Hazel and Morgan went to school.The twins were in grade 10. Mia in grade 6 and Lucas in grade 12. Hazel had won 3 prizes from a Science Competition and Morgan had won 4 prizes. Morgan and Hazel liked to live a very simple life. Hazel loved to eat Noodles and Morgan loved to eat Cheese Burgers. Once a month all of their family went to a hotel to take the dinner. This family was living a very happy life. But one-day everything changes. That is when Hazel and Morgan created their newest invention...... Read the next chapter to know what the invention is an what happened next.......... To be continued


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