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Hate vs Love

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Chapter 1 - Later Haters

It was another miserable day for Grace. Grace is a fifteen year old. Her mom, Ava insists on going on another road trip. But this time they weren't going to see the family. Ava told the family, “I plan to celebrate Grace's Sweet Sixteen by moving to New York,” Ava was as excited as a dog when he sees his owner after a long day! “By the time her birthday comes around we'll have a house and she'll have new friends and maybe even a boyfriend. It'll be a surprise party! Oh ok well I'll talk to you later! Bye!” Ava hung up the phone. Little did she know her daughter was just around the corner in the hotel. She knew that she wouldn't make any friends let alone a boyfriend. On her first day of high school she kept her head down and talked as little as possible. During lunch a girl named Cassandra sat by Grace. Grace was totally confused. “It's okay I'm new too. And I thought the only way to make another friend is another new girl. Do you wanna be friends?” Cassandra asked. “Umm I mean yeah but I'm not in the best mood today...” Grace said trying to come up with some excuse so Cassandra would leave. “You can tell me, I never spill the secrets of my besties! Oh and by the way, all of my friends call me Andi. You can too!” Andi said. “Do you wanna come over after school today you know to study?” Grace asked. “Yessssss!” Andi said. “What time?” “Can 3:00 work?” “Yes”. Grace gave her the address to her condo. “See you later Andi!”


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