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Hate vs Love

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Chapter 2 - Sharing secrets

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It's now 3:00 and Andi was on time. The girls went into Grace's room. “What do you wanna do first?” Grace asked Andi. “Do you wanna play Truth or Dare?” Andi asked Grace. “Sure, do you wanna go first?” “Yeah, Truth or dare?” Grace was feeling good about herself so she said “Dare!” “I dare you to tell me your biggest secret!” Andi said excited. Grace went pale. She only had two big secrets. One was that... her mom well she left the stove on and her dad had a seizure and his arm in the handle on the pot and the boiling water poured on his face. He had surgery but that only made him look more scarier. Her other secret was she has a few powers that she uses to help others. “Which one I have two.” Grace said. Suddenly her eyes went from green to electric blue. “Grace? You-Your eyes are bright blue.” Andi said worried. “Oh no! It's happening again!! I'll be back.” Grace rushed today her bathroom and looked in the mirror. She needed a strip of metal to put on her arm. She screamed for her mom. “What in the world is going on in here?” Her mom looked at her daughters eyes and immediately ran downstairs and grabbed a knife. She put it on her daughters arm without stabbing her arm. Her eyes slowly went back to green. She went back to her room with Andi. “Where were we?” She asked chuckling nervously. “WHAT IN THE FREAKING WORLD JUST HAPPEND???!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!” Andi screamed. “That's my secret. I have some powers. I can go invisible, I can shrink myself. And I can make things for people in need pop up on their doorstep.” Grace said. “OMG your like me! I thought I was the only one.” Andi said the girls smiled.


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