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God, have you forsaken us?

Sometimes people feel like God does not Love everyone, because if he did, the world would be so perfect, right? He would just stop the devil, and saved us all? Well, maybe... but sometimes that is not the case. There is many reasons why, this world is the way it is today. I sometimes feel this way also. This poem, is like a song, or a psalm, like a prayer to.
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God? Why have you taken all my friends away, leaving me all alone, no where to go to, when I need love? The world is shaking, evil trying to take over. People start killing, innocent unborn children, when they say, its woman's rights! I am alone, for what I think no one, hopes for. Lord, if you do, love us, then why are family's splitting apart? Also, the children of this world, are disobeying, or just so arrogant by protesting against good. Trying to tear down, the history of America, for black lives, no. God, why haven't you answered our prayers? Now homosexuality is a thing! Do not leave us to be slaves, to Satan! Please stop this if you have not abandoned us! Oh Lord, please do not let those to the lake of fire! I do not want anyone suffer but part of me does... God, if you do love us, then why am I thinking evil thoughts? It is just sad, to think about. Shadows grip, at me, trying to drown me into darkness... do not leave me God, us, people... have mercy, on those who hate you... Help...

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