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Girl Friends

Ara is a new girl at her school. On the first day, she meets four girls that become friends with her. The girls then meet Lisabelle, a girl at their school who's just one year older than Ara. All six friends find a great discovery. They're superheroes, each with their own element and unique powers. Will they save the day, no matter what happens?


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Chapter 1 of 2 - Best Friends Forever

I got off the bus and stared up at Emerson Elementary School. My new school was standing there waiting for me to go inside and learn. I had to go to the office to figure out which fourth grade class I was in. After doing that, I entered my classroom and sat down at the desk with my name on it. The two girls on either side of me were Cora and Roxy. "Hi," Cora and Roxy said at the same time. "Hi," I said back. "Today," my teacher began, "is a very special day. We have a new student! Come on up." I knew she was talking to me. I slowly stood up and walked to the front of the room. "My name is Ara. I'm ten years old. My birthday was two months ago, on November fifteenth," I said to the class nervously. My teacher passed out math papers for everyone to work on. Oh no, I thought. The papers had fifty-five division problems. I'm not good at division. An hour later, I turned in my work. I had stayed in for half of recess. When my teacher finally told me I could go outside, I was so happy. As I opened the recess door, I found three girls waiting for me. I recognized Cora and Roxy, but who was the other girl? "Hi, Ara! I'm so glad you're in our class," Cora told me. "Who's that? Is she in our class?" I asked. "This is Karalyn," Roxy explained. "And yes, she is in our class. Karalyn, this is Ara, the new student." "Hi," Karalyn said quietly. "Hello," I said back to her. "Do you want to be my friend?" "Um--okay," she told me. "It's great that you're going to be friends," Cora said. "There's one more girl that we would like you to meet, Ara." The girls led me to the other side of the playground, where two kids, one boy and one girl, were doing tricks and flips on the monkey bars. Roxy pointed to the boy. "This is Jackson," she explained, "and this is Bridget." She pointed to the girl. Cora walked over to Bridget. "Bridget?" she asked. "Can you come talk with us for just a moment?" She nodded. We walked towards a few picnic tables where a group of students were eating lunch. Cora, Roxy, and Bridget sat on a bench, and Karalyn and I sat on the bench across from them. I had a feeling that we were going to be best friends forever.


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