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Fresh Foot

A boy named Levi is new to Pines Street Middle School. Levi is concerned about his first day at a new school. Levi hopes he doesn't get bullied by the way he himself is.

Created by: Jesus Xochipiltecatl

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Chapter 1 of 1 - Here I Go

Birds are humming, bees are buzzin', the sun is high on the sky proudly shining its brightness to Earth. It is a different day at Willowmist. Levi is still dreaming, he didn't want to wake up. As Levi's mother opens Levi's bedroom door, she noticed that her son is still in his dreaming moments. "Time to wake up, Levi! A new sunny day has begun for our souls!" Levi's mother said in a sing-songy voice. Mother remarked that Levi setter his alarm to 10 AM. "Silly kid" Mother said. Mother went to his window and opened the blue curtains. Then the mother noticed Levi was barely opening his eyes. When he was waking up Levi noticed that his room was very bright. "Mom, close the curtains!", Levi said loudly."It is a special day for you, honey boy!" mother exclaimed. Levi stood up and walked to the restroom to prepare angrily. When Levi was ready he went downstairs and ate some "Honey Nut Oats". "Today you are going to the new school on Pine Street." Mother reminded Levi. "Mom, I don't want to go!'' Levi replied with a whiny voice. "Well, you want to be an engineer you have to go to school" Father said. "Agreed, don't be like your brother James who works as a cashier at McDonald's!" Mother said sincerely. "Oh look at the time, looks like we have to go!" Dad said as Levi was following him. "Good luck, Levi" Mother said as Levi left with Dad to school. "Here I go.," Levi said softly to himself.

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