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Forbidden Love

China Mack is your average 20-year-old girl. In college, studying filming. Has a boyfriend who she kinda likes. Ada Tanner is your average 11-year-old girl. Easy going, fun, and a great friend. They become bus buddies, and close friends. China's boyfriend Cameron cheats on her. Then, China starts to fall in love with Ada....
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Chapter 1 of 7 - Life

China was working on her filming project. Her boyfriend was there helping her. “Cmon, take a break!” Said Cameron. “No.” Said China. 10 minutes later, she was done. She didn't really like Cameron, but he made her popular. They now danced slowly to their favorite songs. Ada saw her best friend get punched. She ran over and punched the bully as hard as she could. The anger in her eyes was so scary, then just ran away. She walked with Aurelia, her Portuguese BFF. Aurelia was bullied cause of her name, but Ada always helped her. China was doing her homework. Then at dinnertime, she talked with her parents. “You are doing so good on your homework China! Good for you!” Her parents said. Basically the same for Ada when she told them her stories. The next day, China walked on to the Preschool-College bus. She was getting her bus buddy today. “Hi, I'm China Mack. Where is my seat?” She asked the bus driver. “8th row, left side.” He said. “Okay, thanks!” She said, walking down the aisle and sitting down. She turned and saw Ada. Ada saw her. They stayed in this staring moment for a minute as both their hearts flipped. To be continued....


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