Genre: romance    Tags: #romance #ship #cute

Forbidden Love

China Mack is your average 20-year-old girl. In college, studying filming. Has a boyfriend who she kinda likes. Ada Tanner is your average 11-year-old girl. Easy going, fun, and a great friend. They become bus buddies, and close friends. China's boyfriend Cameron cheats on her. Then, China starts to fall in love with Ada....

Created by: HiHiRoblox

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Chapter 2 of 7 - Surname History

“Hi, I'm Ada. Ada Tanner. I'm taking junior college classes for surname history. This binder here has just about every surname history and coat of arms you can think of! What's your name?” Ada said, with a straight face the whole time. “Uh, I'm China, China Mack.” China said. “Oooh Mack! Here, take a copy of your surname's history and coat of arms!” Interrupted Ada. “Okay, thanks. I'm going to college to learn about filming.” China said. “Cool! Maybe we could hang out one day and you could make a documentary about surname histories! For your homework!” Said Ada excitedly. “That's a good idea!” China said, thinking about it. “Oh, I'm at my stop. Bye!” Ada said goodbye and China left. She thought about the idea, and about Ada. She was really pretty, and adorable. She was smart and kind, but she was a 5th grader going to junior college! She was way to young! Ada was thinking about China. She was smart and pretty. Kind and sweet. But she was 20, and going to college. Ada wasn't even allowed to date! She was too young, and China, was too old. To be continued.....


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