Genre: horror    Tags: #emotion #fear

Fear of the zombies

Covid-19 has already brought enough trouble to the world. But now there is an outbreak of a new and different pandemic. Zovid-20(Zombie Virus Disease - year two thousand and twenty). Zombies have invaded Earth and are at attack. One becomes a zombie once attacked by zombies... And one can only recover when he/she/it dies.This world war is just like tag, a game where one chases the rest. Anybody caught joins the chaser in chasing the rest. And that is why everybody is now fearing the zombies. However, John and Jane team up with Shree, ready to risk their lives only to save the remaining lives. Verily, will they be able to become a hero and heroine in everyone's eyes?
parts: 17

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Chapter 1 of 17 - The Strange News

“Now, this is actually the twentieth zombie movie you are watching this month. If you go on like this just because you have got three whole months to stay at home, I will certainly have to force myself to send you over to your mean, cross, old grandmother. You can then spend the rest of the covid-19 break there!” Mrs Floreny warned her son. “Oh even if she is cross, she still is my Grandmother after all. Therefore, you can't go on saying she is mean in front of me!” John said. But his mum had already gone to the kitchen. That was one of her habits that really irritated John. She would always walk away to the kitchen (her favourite place) when she had no intention to pay heed to any lecture given to 'her.' Another thing about her was that she hated her mother-in-law (nobody knows why), whom she so called; 'mean, cross, old woman' when talking to other people or 'mean, cross, old grandmother' when talking to her children. But in front of her mother-in-law, she would refer to her with the best words. We can say she was a 'wolf in sheep's clothing.' We pity the 'mean, cross, old woman.' John had a sister who was a year older than him. His age was ten so you can guess his sister was aged eleven. She was called Jane. He also had one uncle called Henry, two aunts, and his only grandmother. So together with his parents, they didn't really make up quite a big family. However, they had a very strong bond of relationship except that John's mother didn't have the slightest love for her mother-in-law. One of John's friends was Doctor Sherlock. He was a friend of Jane too and was nicknamed “Dr. Shree” because he always cried, “Shree!” when he was amazed or there was something special. Both the kids thought he was a great fellow. He had all the qualities a good friend was expected to have. From all the other kids he had met in the neighbourhood, he was fond of these two the most. He would think that they were the most friendliest children he had ever met, and then he would wish for his future children to grow up like them. Doctor Shree was one of the Floreny's closest neighbours. His clinic named 'Keylock', was just a few meters away from their house while his home was located just next to their school. Whenever the two little Florenys were away from school, they would spend most of their time in the popular doctor's clinic, assisting him in what they could. And now since schools had closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, they had all the sweet time to themselves. One day when they went to visit him in Keylock, they heard the most peculiar news. “Hello!” he greeted when they stepped into the clinic. “How are you doing?” He sounded a little frustrated. “We are doing absolutely well!” they answered. “What about you?” “Well—things are also going good with me, but you see, there is some weird news that is confusing me.” “Which news?” they asked curiously. It was the first time a certain news had 'confused' Doctor Shree. Usually, nothing ever jumbled him up. This was because he was sharper than a needle, also, very wise. “Er- this morning, I just heard from somewhere that zombies have invaded some parts of faraway countries, and i'm afraid I believe it's true!”


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