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Falsely accused

In primary school my friend was falsely accused of being racist. He was 10. I wanted to get it out.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Racist?!

Okay this is a true story that I wanted to tell to someone, so I can share my anger. It might not be completely accurate because this was nearly 3 years ago. I was in primary school, Year 6 (ages 10/11) and me and my friend, Arthur, were playing a game with our classmates. This was a very popular game, and about 30 ish Year 5's and 6's were playing. One boy from Year 5, who was the younger brother of a Year 6 kept being rude to Arthur. We'll call him Cieran, and his older brother, we'll call Carl. I am not quite sure exactly what Cieran was doing, but he was being very rude and I do remember him hitting/kicking Arthur at one point. Every time Cieran got on Arthur's nerves, I was immediately by his side sticking up for him. Now, at this point, Carl had been being really snarky and rude and me and Arthur were both fed up of him. We both, on many occasions told him to go away, and that he was being annoying. It got to the point were Cieran had his arms crossed and said "You don't know anything about me!" I have no clue what him and us had said to get us to this point but I do remember this very vividly. Arthur snorted and started counting on his fingers. "Well, I know your name's Cieran Surname, I know you're in Year 5, I know you're black..." at that last sentence Cieran shoved Arthur violently to the ground and started kicking him, screaming "That's racist that's racist!" Now, I would like to politely point out that the dictionary states that the word racist means "a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another." Arthur just stated a fact and was not being racist.He was also only 10 at the time. After this all happened I asked a few of my other friends who were also black if they would mind being being told this, and they all said "no" and that it's not a big deal. Anyway, Cieran then burst into tears and ran to his brother. Arthur and I were both shaken and after I helped him up, we both started discussing if what Arthur had said was racist. He was angry and said that he was simply stating a fact, and that being racist is being rude about someones skin, and I agreed with him. I can not see how he could have been offended. We both walked around for a bit discussing it, and we could see Cieran talking to a Dinner Lady. We'll call her Mrs Skeleton. A few people came asking us about it and they all agreed with us. Arthur was really worried he was going to get into trouble. I said "You've done nothing wrong. HE attacked you, HE annoyed us. I'm a witness Arthur don't worry." I kept repeating "I'm a witness" to him saying I'll defend him. I was really annoyed and angry about the whole thing. Soon enough, Mrs Skeleton came over to us and asked us what happened, but didn't really let us explain properly. What little we did get in was stuttered because she kept cutting in front of us and because we still were a bit shaken. She then asked Arthur to come with her but wouldn't let me. She said that it was none of my business and to go back and play. I was furious. I said that actually it was my business because I was involved and that I was a witness and that to get the truth, you need to get all the points of view. She just brushed me aside and took a tear stained Arthur with her to "discuss". I kept trying to come close but she stared at me every time and I backed away. She then called the headteacher, who we'll call Mrs Karen-Lord. She took Arthur into her office. When she finally let Arthur out, ages later he was fuming and upset. He said that she hadn't let him explain anything, had called him racist, that Cieran had exaggerated everything Arthur had said, and that she had yelled at him. I was outraged and determined to not let this slide. She had called a 10 year old racist, not even gotten both sides of the story, not even let me in, and been completely biased toward Cieran because he was younger and (obviously) black, which automatically makes him the victim. Now, there is a lot of racism in this world, and I am completely with the black lives matter movement. However, just because someone says that another person was being racist, does not mean that they were. I told Arthur that I would tell my mum about it and that he should tell his parents too, so they could come in and have a go at Mrs Karen-Lord. I said that I would be a witness and if he needed me to give my side of the story, I would. Anyway, when I got into my car to go home, I immediately told my mum about it. My mum had gotten into disagreements with Mrs Karen-Lord before about my autistic brother, so she was not surprised. She went ballistic however when I got to the racist bit.She posted about it on social media and talked to Arthur's parents about it afterwards. A few days later, Arthur told me that his parents had come in and flipped off to Mrs Karen-Lord about the whole situation. Cieran and Carl now both go to my secondary school and we are all very civil to each other. I don't think that Carl would have been on his brother's side if he knew the whole story as he is actually quite decent, but he just saw his brother crying and sibling instinct came in. I understand the feeling all too well. However, Cieran is a total flea-bitten rat-butt and I don't talk to him when I see him. I never forget.

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