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Face the Problems

This story is about a girl named Poppy. Poppy has just turned 14 and is in high school! Things couldn't be better, right? Answer: Things couldn't be WORSE! Poppy faces really hard classes, bullying, having a new little brother and so much more. Can she survive the pressure of high school?
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Chapter 1 of 3 - Poppy

Poppy is a typical 14 year old, and in a week she will be in high school! Poppy is feeling a lot of emotions right now, since she is starting high school in a week and her mom is having a baby in a month. "Poppy! Can you walk Brutus right now? I have an appointment with the doctor today to check on the baby," Poppy's mom Layla called. "Coming mom!" Poppy shouted, walking down the stairs. Poppy was a beautiful girl. She had blondish-brownish hair, a sweet smile, she always wore a t-shirt with jeans or jean-shorts and she had tan skin. Brutus was their Bulldog puppy that they have had for 9 months. "Brutus, c'mere boy!" Poppy said, shaking a box of treats to bribe him. He rolled out of his dog bed and came waddling over to Poppy as she slipped on his leash and collar. Then they stepped out the door and headed outof their court. "Ah, I love the last few days of Summer, don't you Brutus?" Poppy said taking in a huge breath of air. "Ruff!" They got to the next street over, Dandelion Street. As they passed a navy blue house, a girl about Poppy's age popped out of the door and walked down to where Poppy was standing. She had black, straight hair with streaks of purple in it. She was wearing a purple and black skirt and a black t-shirt that said 'Live Your Way' on it in big letters. "Hey, I'm Chloe, you are?" Chloe said with a mischievous smirk. "Hi! I'm Poppy, I live on Poppy Court, which is quite a coincidence with my name being Poppy," Poppy said. "Mmmmhmmm. So Poppy, wanna hang out with me and my friends today at 6? We have an extra ticket to see Live Your Way, that new boy band. They are having a concert downtown, wanna roll?" Chloe asked, leaning on a gray pick-up truck in her drive way. "Uh, sure. We can all meet up at my house at 5 if that's okay." "Cool, I'll text them. See ya Poppy," Chloe said dully, looking at her phone and walking inside. Brutus and Poppy walked back home and saw that Poppy's mom's car wasn't in the driveway. She must've already went to her doctors appointment, Poppy said in her head. She cleaned up her room, the kitchen, and the living room so Chloe and her friends could be comfortable. Poppy's phone beeped, a text from her mom. Poppy's mom: 'Hi honey! I am going out with Aunt Rosemary to see a movie with her and then I am staying at her house for a while. I should be back around 10,okay?' Poppy: Okay mom. I have some friends coming over at 6 and then we are going to a concert downtown, is that okay? Poppy's mom: Sure! I will see you around 10. Bye! Poppy: bye mom *heart emoji It was finally 5:00 and the doorbell rang, Chloe and her friends must be here!


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