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Elevator forever

Story about two girls who think that are teens. They find out that they died when they were four in a shooting.

Created by: Annie Johnson

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Chapter 1 of 2 - What really happened

"Hey, want to go to Applebees?", said Sandy to her best friend Ann. Ann said, "tonight at eight?". "Deal", said Sandy. At eight, Sandy's mom drove them to Applebees. When they got to order, Sandy ordered a potato salad with chicken and Ann ordered fries and steak. To drink, they both had white milk. For their appetizers, they ordered mozarella sticks. Fifteen minutes later, a waitress with beautiful brown wavy hair brought their foods and drinks to them. When they were finishing, Sandy said, let's go to the abandoned mall, it's only a block away". Okay, but first, since my parents are picking us up, I will text them that we will be at the abandoned mall", said Ann. "Okay", said Sandy. Twelve minutes later after paying and texting Ann's parents, they walked to the mall. When they entered the mall, they were surprised at how empty it truly was. They decided to check out Victoria's secret. When they entered, they were surprised the place was still filled with bras. After a couple minutes, they went to Barnes and Nobles. When they entered, they saw it was like Victoria's secret, but full of books. As they kept checking out stores, they started to get scared, because every store was full even though they should have been empty. In fact, the whole place should have been locked. They decided to leave right away. When outside, Ann texted her parents to pick them up. Twelve minutes later, Ann's parents picked them up in the black Ford car. The next morning, at breakfast, Sandy's mom said, "let's go to the mall with Ann's family, it's only a block from Applebees, so it's not far". But mom, it shut down years ago", said Sandy. "No, it just opened for the first time today", said Sandy's mom. " But last night, me and Ann were there and it was closed", said Sandy. "Enough of these jokes, go get dressed", said Sandy's mom. Confused, Sandy went to her bedroom to get changed. As she was changing, with sudden horror, she realized she looked like she was four again. She sat on her bed and started to think. All of a sudden she remembered the mall had opened when she was four. She thought, I'm in the past, but yet that's impossible Isin't it?. When she was ready, her mom said, "wow, you got ready all by yourself". In a half hour, they met up with Ann's family in the parking lot of the mall. When they all walked into Barnes and Nobles, a couple minutes later, Ann whispered, "what happened overnight?", to Sandy. Sandy said, "let's talk in the play area". A couple hours later, they were in the play area. Sandy said, "I've been thinking all day and I can't remember the years between now and up to being sixteen years old". "Neither can I", said Ann. After that, they couldn't think of anything else, so they played till their parents said "time to eat lunch". They decided to eat at A and W. They all got burgers and fries and for drinks, the parents got root beer, while the kids got white milk. Just as Sandy was biting into her burger, everything went black. When Sandy opened her eyes, Ann was standing beside her and they were in an elevator. A couple seconds later, they noticed a guy with hair has white as snow standing in the corner. The man said, "hi girls, I am Sam, and I can explain. You see, you girls and several others, not including your parents, were shot down when you were four and the reason you were even sixteen was so you had a chance to see what teen years were like and now your stuck in this elevator till we arrive at heaven. But first let me show you your dying scene". All of a sudden, an image appeared showing Ann and Sandy's parents crying over two limp little bodies and an Emt saying their dead and the image disappeared.


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