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This story is about the life of a Nigerian boy whose parents disowned him at the age of fourteen. It focuses on how overcame every challenge from it and why love is the most powerful feeling of all.
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Chapter 1 of 6 - Get Out !

"Non of the relatives want you neither do we, we've disowned you and you are still staying in this house without paying rent get out before things get out of hand." This is what my parents who had now disowned me for watching pornography six different time's after a lot of warnings. I had tried everything I could for them to still keep me as their son but it seemed as if there was no hope. As I pack my bag I start thinking, my former parents who were nice before had now become monsters, I was about to become a street boy one with no home, no money or anything. The time for me to leave had come fast and I looked at my younger sister, who now looked at me with shamefully and I texted my friends my last good bye as my parents wont even allow me take the phone, I only went with the few cloths my small luggage could carry. Tears start to fill my eye's as I walk down the street as and past the gate on my way out of the estate. I know it's going to be a long Journey, a journey which I din't know the way at all and I knew was going to be a very long, sad and painful one. The sound of buses and cars along with area boys fill my ears as I wake up from sleep, look up to see the sun shining directly in my eyes and to see cars rushing past me. I scratch my head trying to figure out how in the heck I had gotten unto the streets of Lagos and that's when the events of yesterday start rushing into my head, it hurt just thinking about it and goodness what is that awful smell, oh wait no it's me my armpits are smelling, I need a bath. I continue what seems like an endless journey to what seems like the end of the world, when the thought came into my head to commit suicide and I'm like nah. Suicide is for the weak and I am strong! Plus my favourite quote still remains tough times never last but tough people do which, I wonder how I can say that with a straight faith considering the situation I'm in right now. Besides suicide is a sin and I need God's help right now. That's when it occurs to me to like pray duh. So I do just that and I continue my journey and I'm also very hungry right now so I think I'm going to beg for money. No, no, I may have lost practically everything but one thing I know I haven't lost is my dignity, my dignity still stands tall like Burj Khalifa. My life motto is there's always a way and I will find it.


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