Genre: horror    Tags: #business


An abandoned office, a girl who moved for a summer-job, and someone unknown with a huge secret that roams the ruins of the office in a mask.

Created by: Grace Stowe

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Chapter 1 of 2 - The Key

"Chloe get packing already!" Mom yells, "ugh! Do I have to?" Chloe says loudly. Putting on her shoes from last school-year, Chloe grabs her pink unicorn suitcase with white bows painted on by Chloe and her friend when they were five. In disgust Chloe starts stuffing her clothes in her bag, she didn't want to go to an old cabin for the summer acting like an idiot looking for clues, but she knew Mom needed her to help with paying the house bills. And in order to do that Chloe had to work a summer-job instead of hanging out with all her BFFs. Mom yelled to Chloe from upstairs "Quit moping around," she pauses then said quietly "I'm sorry about your dad." Chloe ignored her mother and continued packing, surprised to see the key necklace to her father's old office she pauses, then chucks it out the window. "why was he so stupid?" she thought out loud. Mom asked "Who was so stupid?", Chloe tells her mom to just forget about it. After she finished packing, Chloe dragged her stuff to Mom's rusty old car that's supposed to be silver, and looks like it's so worn to the point where it can't function any more. "Mom, why can't we just take a Taxi?" asks Chloe, Mom responds "It's cheaper to take our car, Chloe." Frustrated, Chloe throws her bag in the car and slams the door shut. She hated the fact that her dad led them into this illegal case and now she has to be the detective of it. Realizing she forgot her phone, Chloe asked Mom if she could go get it. Mom told Chloe "Hurry up, our plane is about to take off." Chloe sprints into the old, worn house and runs down the stairs into her bare room. Looking through her desk she finds her phone with the Dad's key necklace on top of it. She stuffs it in her pocket and headed out to the car stunned. “Had I thrown the key out her window?” Chloe wondered, “perhaps I was imagining it.” Chloe thought out loud by accident. “Hmm?” Mom asked, “N-nothing” Chloe said louder than she meant. They arrived at the airport and Chloe started to drag her bag, still confused about the key. Suddenly a man bumped into her too fast to make out any details, just a dark clothed man. Walking through the dirty airport they found plane 27 and were just in time. Chloe and Mom were particularly quiet the whole ride. Chloe decided to look behind her and see if she recognized anyone, she didn't see anyone until she saw a the dark clothed man that Bumped into her earlier, he gave her a creepy and cruel crooked smile then winked. Horrified, she turned around and never looked back during the plane ride.


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