Genre: horror    Tags: #business


An abandoned office, a girl who moved for a summer-job, and someone unknown with a huge secret that roams the ruins of the office in a mask.

Created by: Grace Stowe

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Chapter 2 of 2 - Strange Dreams

7 year-old Chloe pressed her hands up against the glass in awe, it was her fist time at the zoo and she had never seen a tiger before. Little Chloe whispered to herself “I wish I could pet it.” Her father ordered the workers to chain the tigers and let Chloe in. Hurriedly they chained the tiger with many gruesome slaps with their metal sticks, the rusty chains were tight and the tiger was frightened. Then the workers let me in and I started petting the tiger, the other kids pressed their hands and noses up at the glass in curiosity. The tiger was too scared to attack but the workers were ready, white knuckles gripping their sticks so much that the rust started to make their hands bleed. Chloe felt sorry for the poor tiger and gave it a little kiss on the head. As she did so the tiger's eyes went green and the chains broke, scraping her skin easily and breaking the glass. Little were injured, most dead. But not Chloe. Suddenly the tiger with toxic green eyes told her “You must keep your father's key and remember magic is real, the key will open the realm called Khalii. Don't be afraid, many will protect you. Don't trust anyone!” And the dream faded from Chloe's mind. She didn't remember the tiger's eyes going horribly bright green and being so vicious. She remembered that day at the zoo and that definitely did not happen, but what did happen was her father gave her the key. She never knew what her father did, except for testing stuff on animals. He always said it was harmless but Chloe knew better than that. She jogged down the creaky wooden stairs of the cabin as her mother said “Morning ya big sleepyhead, pancakes are ready!” “Thanks.” Muffled Chloe as she stuffed herself with waffles. She grabbed her coat and set off for a walk.

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