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Dark side of the moon

Everett it a loner, he has 1 friend named Lily who has been by his side since the 1st grade when she stopped a girl from picking on him. Now, as a sophomore in highschool, he is faced with many problems...
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Chapter 1 of 1 - The day it all came down

I walked down the long school hallway, books clutched in hand. When all of a sudden, I felt eyes on the back of my head. I walked up to the bathroom entrance and stopped abruptly. I turned around fearfully hoping it wasn't her. But she was so close that we collided, sending my books and her phone to the floor. She looked up and snarled. "Oh look, it's Everett. Still can't walk in a strait line I see." She said as she picked up her phone. "For the record", I replied, hiding my face behind my books. "You ran into me." That's Dayla, my lifelong tormenter and forever enemy, the problem was, she was friends with my best friend Lily. That left ne no room for trust. Only Dayla actually knew of my background, and she was destined to let the world know. I quickly gathered my books, not even caring what condition her phone was in, and sent her a look that could turn stomaches and left. I slowly lifted my books back to cover my face. Knowing that as long as she didn't know what happened last night I would be safe.

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