Crying Blood

Krystal Herman is a 7-year-old child. She only cries alone, locked up in her room. When she does, she cries blood. How can she use her strange condition for good? Or... will she?
parts: 3

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Chapter 1 of 3 - I Hear you... I see you... can you hear me?

I'm Krystal. I'm locked in a small, windowless room. I can hear my parents fighting. “Kill her! Her condition is dangerous!” My dad would scream. “No! Children are blessings even with their differences!” My mom screams back. My mom wants me to be a normal kid. Have fun. My dad, on the other hand, wants me dead, or locked away. I've been crying all morning. Blood on my hands, blood on my face, blood on the wall, blood in my hair, blood on the floor... blood everywhere. I cry blood. I'm only 7, but I know many things you don't. Why are you still here? I can hear you... I can see you... everywhere you go... can you hear me? .... can you see me? I didn't think so. I can follow anyone who is currently bleeding. I have seen things you never will. I have seen you once or twice, when you were a little younger. When you fall off your bike, or scrap you knee. But I also can see when people make the wrong choice. I scream through my head, trying to help them. “Don't trust him! Don't wear that! She's lying! Don't get in bed with him, he's not single!” I scream so loud sometimes, my dad comes up and beats me. Then, more blood covers the room. Do you... see me?


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