Genre: mystery    Tags: #dead #ship #ocean #sad

Creature from the deep

Her father worked in the navy, then one night something dreadful happened to the ship and the crew. What could it be?
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - The creature

I have been studying this newly discovered creature since it was first spoken of on the radio. I've even seen it before, no one believes me but i'm going to prove that i have. This creature, it's not like the sea monsters you find in stories or the ones you see in movies, in fact I don't think it's a creature at all. I think it is an organism. When I saw it, it was just like fairy dust. Gradually floating into the harbour like a moth to a flame. Its blue lights are beautiful, glowing in the dark expanse of the ocean. I went in my parents room and had a nose around until I found my father's old diary from when he was in the navy. I thought that might give me some answers to whether anyone has seen this mysterious sea creature before. I read some of his entries; Dear diary, I've never seen anything this beautiful and mysterious in my entire life! Last night, I heard a cry of oohing and aahing, so I shoved on my boots and raced out onto the deck outside. What I saw I will never forget. It was stunning. Florid blue lights shone up at us circling the whole ship. We were on a cloud of fairy dust, some of the men were even getting into the lifeboats to have a closer look. “Come on, come down here! Oh what a dazzling perfect sight!” I was lured down there with them, but oh, what a mistake I made that night. A cool night it was. Silent, except the whispers of the ocean surrounding us. I got into the boat and dipped my hand in the water, swaying it as the specs of blue pulled along with me. What a silly thing to do, I now think to myself. I take my hand out of the chilly water, but I can't. It pulls me into the sea further until my whole arm is in there too. “Uhh, w-what is happening?” I say but now i'm losing my balance and I splash into the water which is even colder now. I stay calm, just like we're taught in training, that if we're stuck we don't panic. But now I really am panicking, I'm being sucked into the ocean! Slowly pulling me underwater, all of the lights are now wrapping around me. The force is so strong! I'm going to drown! Goodbye world, goodbye family, goodbye love. My head is hit by something but i don't know what it is because i'm being swallowed up by the lights that i thought were harmless, beautiful creatures. I see a glimpse of orange, the life ring that hit my head. I reach for it and I'm pulled up with rope. Coughing and spluttering from me, and cheering from my life-saving fellows on board. We watch the ghostly lights sink away into the depths. That was truly a night I will never, ever forget.


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