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Her stepmother has many secrets all written inside a book. Her father and her step mother broke up and now he married her sister, who knows absolutely nothing about it. That's when I was born.

Created by: Sharanya Singh

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Chapter 1 of 2 - Midnight and bloom

I was born on May 8th, 2005, and this is what happens: I was a baby and my mother and father were rangers, working with the police. My mother was cooking food and I crawled out the door and straight into an alley. This is exactly how the two girls with masks on wanted it. They said I would be happy like this. But I doubted that. And they duplicated me into two girls, my twin. I was Bloom and she was Midnight. Our parents forgot everything. And Midnight was the COMPLETE opposite of me. I had red hair. She had brown. She liked Halloween and spooky tomboy stuff and I didn't. There were only 2 things we had in common. We both HATED makeup and we both had blue eyes. Soon we had a baby brother named Max and our parents had to leave him with us because they had work to do. But we didn't mind. After all, we were 15 by then. And Max was 7. The next day I woke up. This day was special. A girl as old as me and a boy as old as Max was out on our door. They both had blonde hair and green eyes. I let them come in. And they told me everything. EVERYTHING. And this is what they told me.....


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