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My name is Cheyenne and I'm 90% wolf, and people just don't know that I'm only in my human form.Read more to take in the awesomeness of my 90% wolf life.
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Chapter 1 of 2 - Falling To Earth

Hello fellow two legs, my name is Cheyenne Turner and I am 90% wolf. My former name is Stardust, I fell from the planet Ultron and into the earth, I saw that around me the things walking were not on all fours so I decided to look and act as dumb as the things I now call two legs. I made my disguise as one of my normal identities and now I am positioned in Chaganoga Tennesee, and I'm still waiting for backup. Since I can't stay long for that the evil Red Beef Man is after me and I would hate for these dumb defenseless little lives to die, so I ALSO decided to make friends with two not so dumb-looking people but they kept telling me I was making this up but I told them that If I was in wolf form I would prove them wrong! After that, two old two legs took me in claiming that they were my aunt and uncle, I don't even know what that is! In my defense back on Ultron, I had a pack and I was the leader of the Unicornio Galactic Pack. I was in a war with the Red Beef Man and I got knocked out of that world, and I now am hoping for backup to arrive before the Red Beef Man arrives to finish me.


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