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My name is Cheyenne and I'm 90% wolf, and people just don't know that I'm only in my human form.Read more to take in the awesomeness of my 90% wolf life.
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Chapter 2 of 2 - Making Friends

I had to Attend a two-legged...... school..., and I'm super excited to find out what that is because back on Ultron we had lessons on how to fight and crack an enemy's neck. But I'm not doing this alone, I have two legs 1 and two legs 2 to company me on our trip to lessons, ( It helps to number them since their names are not exactly on my grammar list), The first day of lessons was horrible none of my dumb two-legged friends where in my lessons! and we couldn't go outside to hunt for our food! But during outside time, I and two-legs 2 were talking about how we can defeat Red Beef Man, two legs 2 wasn't agreeing with me that Red Beef Man was real and anything I told it was real! I made a big scene about how it was all true and they would all die pathetic deaths if they didn't help me and one of the older two legs tried to attack me so I bit it away and ran. I was caught but I didn't understand why I was super fast in my wolf form and I wonder if being in my two-legged form was changing me into a real two-leg! I could not believe I was sent to the ground when I came back to my den, my "aunt and uncle" were super mean and didn't give me dinner, I would bite them if they weren't so wrinkly and disgusting. In my part of the den, I decided to cooperate with the two legs and fool them so that I could have the upper hand when the Red Beef Man came.

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