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Challenge #7

The happiest 9-word story.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Be Happy :-)

Dear Users, thank you for your participation :-)! Most of your posts were really uplifting and full of positive energy, however some of them were more like slogans not stories, and that is why we could not take them into account while deciding who should be the winner. So this time first place goes to StarryGirl, who got 11 likes for the story "As John ascended to heaven, he was finally freed." Congratulations StarryGirl!!! Please let us know, which of your stories you would like to have published on the main page for the next week. Second and third places were taken by Nehazela/Reeja Bins and Angel2010, who got 5 and 4 likes for their stories. Congratulations! Keep writing :-)! All the best, Quizony Team [RULES] The days are getting shorter, often it's cool and gray outside, not to mention the coronavirus pandemic, which forces us to social isolation. All that makes many people feel down. We thought it's a good occasion to write something cheerful and uplifting that would bring a smile to your face. So here is our next challenge - write the happiest story in 9 words! As before please post your ideas in the "Comments" below. We will be waiting for your stories until the end of Sunday, November 22 and the results will be announced on November 23. The winner can have his/her story (approved by Quizony) published on the main page for one week. Good luck and "don't worry, be happy" :-)! All the best, Quizony Team

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