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Challenge #3

An acronym COVID.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - COVID

Dear Users, Thank you for all your ideas! Some of them were really funny and crazy and we liked it ;-)! This time the first place goes to Shifa_TA, who got 32 likes for COVID: Catch Our Vain Idiotic Dog. Congratulations Shifa_TA!!! Please let us know, which of your stories you would like to have published on the main page for the next week. We also congratulate Tomboy for getting second place (31 likes). Third place was taken also by Shifa_TA, who was very prolific in this challenge :-), so congrats once again! Keep safe and healthy! All the best, Quizony Team [RULES] The third challenge that we have prepared for you is different from the previous ones. This time we are asking you to make up what the acronym COVID could stand for, of course something other than its real meaning (coronavirus disease). The funnier and more creative it will be the better! We would like you to use 5 words. Please post it in "Comments" below. Example: ABCDEF - All beautiful cheerleaders deserted evening fixture. We will be waiting for your ideas until the end of Thursday, October 22. Again the winner can have his/her story (approved by Quizony) published on the main page for one week. Have fun and good luck! All the best, Quizony Team

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