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Bloody mary

A girl named Linda, watched a movie named Bloody Mary and she decided to turn of the lights and say 'Bloody Mary' three times in the mirror at 3.am. This story is about how Linda survived Bloody Mary!
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Bloody Mary

'Brother' shouted Linda 'can we watch a movie named Bloody Mary?' 'Sure little sister!' replied Ronald. So that night they watched the movie, Bloody Mary! 'You have to turn of the lights and say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror at 3.am!' said the girl in the movie! 'Brother, Ronald lets do that' said Linda. 'No' replied Ronald 'it is scary!' Linda thought if you don't do it with me I will do it myself! When the movie finished, Linda done everything the movie said for Bloody Mary to appear but didn't work. What happened was that Linda fainted on the floor! Her mother found her and brought her to the hospital! But little did her mom know there was blood on the floor! The nurse was called Mary, Bloody Mary! She decided she will not kill Linda because she thought that Linda was in a coma so she had to when she woke up! That night Linda woke up and took a small peek on the nurse! She thought the nurse is Bloody Mary!? She didn't dare to move or open her eyes because Bloody Mary was looking at her if she was awake! Bloody Mary done that every night so she could kill her! When morning arrived, was the time when the evil nurse, Bloody Mary sleeps, so it was Linda's golden chance! Linda ran away from the hospital and went to her mother, father and brother and said 'brothers didn't watch Bloody Mary, one of the nurses is Bloody Mary' Linda cried' she tried to kill me, we need to move to another country that is 4 hours away!' So they moved, and that's how Linda survived!

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