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Blink- Number One

Cancion. Storm. Two sworn enemies, side by side. Alma. Pajaro. A desperate brother with nothing to lose trying to protect his ill sister. And another continent for them all to explore, together, possibly to save Pajaro's life and protect Storm's. Oh, and el diablo, a race of demons inhabiting the other continent.
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Chapter 1 of 6 - Prefix

My footsteps echo down the empty hallway, vibrating off the walls and making me more alone than I have ever felt before. I quicken my pace. Where am I? Who am I? Why is this white, never-ending hallway here? Suddenly, chains reach out of nowhere and pull on my foot, forcing me to trip. I fall, fall and keep falling for what seems like forever, until I land in a pool of something warm. Blood. I'm not sure whose. My thoughts are all muddled as I realize I am not in the same place, I am in a new hall, same design, same never-ending tunnel, but this time with deep black walls. Footsteps ring through the empty space, but not mine. I try to scream, but my body stays unusually calm. Without wanting to, nor having any reason, I stand. No, my brain screams, NO! Lay down, play dead! But my body ignores, moving with intention, like a robot would. Programmed to do and say certain things, ignoring other commands. But I am trapped inside that robot. I want to cry but the tears don't come. And then I notice the woman in sharp black clothes with hair piled into a neat bun on her head. Me. But not me. How am I here? Who are you? Who am I? I want to scream all these things at her and more but her voice cuts off my thoughts with a sharp 'We are ready to perform operation 0.6. I assume you are ready too?' Ready for what? My mind stumbles to know the answers to the thousands of questions banging round my head. But instead my robot and my reflection begin their own conversation. 'I always was. I always will be. What kept you waiting?' 'We came across… Complications.' We? There are more? Another question falls into my possession. 'Oh?' 'Si, but we will deal with them as the time comes. Have you taken control? And insured Nueva is ready and waiting for our arrival?' 'The control and continent are both stable.' My head buzzes with all the information imprinted into my brain. Who are they? What are they doing? What are they talking about? But whilst the logical part of me wants to shout these questions from the rooftops, a smaller part of me, one growing at a scarily rapid pace, shuts me away, says the words of its own accord, understands exactly what my reflection is telling me. And has been waiting a long, long time. 'So it is done.' 'Si, it is set in place.' 'Shall we?' 'Of course.' 'Good.' My reflection stares at me, stares through the robot me, and sneers right at me. She knows I am here, I think. She knows what I heard. And now she will kill me. Or worse, use me. I want to cry, to run, but my feet stay firmly put. And in one word, it all ends. In one word, my robot becomes real. In one word, I see everything that ever happened to me flash before my eyes. 'Blink.'


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