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Blackout: A Creepypasta Story

Meet Maya Connors. Shy? Totally. Broken? Absolutely. Abused by her aunt and uncle? True. But a killer? That is one thing Maya would never even think of... until she does... Follow along this girl's journey from abused to the newest member of the Creepy Pasta clan.

Created by: Lauren Monihan

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Chapter 5 of 5 - Lights Out for Millie

Flash forward 2 years, lets meet one of Blackout's former bullies whose life she ends: Millie Wildston. Long, blonde hair, deep green eyes, and tan skin makes her the beauty of her town. However, Millie had one flaw that caused her to lose her life: she was overly spoiled and bratty. She absolutely hated outsiders, was a racist, and more. So when Maya Connors came to live in her town, Millie hated her too. She and her friends Mary and Blaire loved stealing Maya's lunch money and beat her bloody. Because her parents were ultra rich and influential, she also never got into any trouble and grew up a spoiled, overprotected brat, completely self absorbed. Even as a 21-year-old, Millie was very loud and brash, still spoiled, and secretly holding younger children hostage as her servants. Too bad she never got the chance to change her ways. "Mommy, I just need 1000 dollars for the newest handbag!!!" Millie screamed into her phone. "Yes, of course, baby. Anything for my princess!" her mom relented. Millie angrily hung up her phone and sashayed to her room. Two little girls, dressed in rags, were washing and dusting all the pink furniture. "Cassidy, you finished making my bed, right? she sneered. The biggest girl, no bigger than a 13-year old, scrambled off her ladder and nodded. "Completely perfect for the princess!" she squeaked. "Good. Sarah, Cassidy, meet me in the basement as soon as your done!" Millie snarled, knocking the ladder on top of the other girl, who was roughly the height of five year old. 10 minutes later, both little girls scrambled into a mildewy, wet basement. "Now... do you know why you two are here?" Millie asked. The girls curtsied and shook their heads. Millie circled them as Sarah and Cassidy shook in fear. "You guys forgot something very important... do you know what that is?" Sarah shook her head in fear, but Cassidy said, "We didn't wash your convertible?" "Correct, Cassidy! Maybe you finally are getting smarter!" Millie laughed maniacally, clapping her hands. She turned to Sarah. "If your sister knew that, then how could you not know?" "U-ummm... I don't know...?" Sarah whimpered. Pulling out a sharp knife from her back pocket, Millie's face grew angrier and angrier. "Oh, then I bet you didn't remember to make the soup yesterday so your sister had to do it? Or that you forgot to arrange the plates how I asked, yesterday?!" She pushed the terrified girl to the concrete floor as Cassidy stared in terror. "M-miss Millie... I ask that-" Millie silenced the little girl by holding the knife blade to her throat. "You know you're supposed to call me 'Madame'! You should just die!!" Millie screamed. Cassidy screamed. Sarah screamed. Then... WHOOSH!!!!!!!!!!! "You know... you really shouldn't kill someone for their mistakes, Millie," whispered a voice from the shadows. Everyone turned their heads towards the voice. Leaning on the wooden stair rail stood a short girl with black hair, pale skin, and purple and black eyes. Millie aimed her knife at the intruder. She felt an odd connection... as if they knew each other. "Who the hell are you?!!!" she screamed. The female figure took a step towards Millie. "You don't remember me?" she whispered. She pulled off her black hoodie and mask... and revealed a black skull next to the sinister smile. Millie was in shock. "... Maya... y-you're alive...." she gasped. "The one and only. I go by Blackout, now." Maya smiled. Millie maintained her angry face. "Why are you here?! Where were you?!" she yelled. Blackout sat down on a barrel nearby. "You always hated me... for what reason, though? I hated my life, I wanted to die so much..." she said in a creepily dreamy voice. "AND YOU SHOULD HAVE!!!!!" Millie screamed, terrified and furious. Maya looked over, her smile faded. "Well, that's just karma, right? Unlucky for you, I have found sanctuary with Slenderman, Ticci Toby, and many others!" Millie went ghostly white. She had heard of the Creepypasta gang, but Maya?! A Creepypasta?! "...You're lying... and this is a dream..." Millie shouted, lunging at Blackout with her knife. POOF!! Millie found herself on the ground, with her former victim behind her, staring at Sarah and Cassidy. "You poor kids... I heard about you on the news. Your parents are considering killing themselves within a week if you're not returned by then. And you've been here the whole time... poor things..." she whispered. Millie got up. "What do you want from me?" she whispered. Blackout's answer was simple and quick: "Revenge." Instantly, Millie was knocked on the ground, with Blackout holding her own knife to Millie's throat. "You remind me of my aunt and uncle..." she said. "Oh y-yeah?! How's that?!" Millie cried. "No one like them should be allowed to live." ZAP!! The lights instantly went out, followed by... "It's lights-out for you!!!" PLEASE!!! NOOOOO!!!! *thunk, thunk, thunk* The lights flickered back on. Millie... barely breathing, her entire body covered in blood and gore. Blackout was standing above the near-dead body, with Sarah and Cassidy hugging each other. "You will rot in hell, and forever remember and regret how you treated me... and these girls," Blackout said as Millie took her dying slit to the throat. Blackout turned to the two kids, her black hoodie and leggings soaked in blood. "P-please don't hurt us!!!" Sarah wailed. Kneeling on her knees, Blackout presented both of the girls with a bloody crow feather and whispered, "I don't hurt the innocent, you're safe now, girls...". Cassidy, perplexed by her gift, hugged Blackout and asked, "What can we do to repay you?" Blackout thought for a minute, then hugged the girls back. "Tell no one of what happened here. Never follow Millie's example, and always do the right thing. I had to kill Millie so she couldn't have children that would do the same things she did to you today... so I ask... Always fight for good, alright?" Cassidy and Sarah nodded, so thankful for the killer that saved their lives. Blackout took the girls to their home right before their parents pulled the trigger. She didn't stay around for long. Millie's corpse was found a week after the incident, and it is confirmed that she stole the two girls. Cassidy and Sarah kept their promises to Blackout. Cassidy was, shockingly, 15 at that time, and now works as a very tough police officer, and Sarah... being only seven, she of course told everyone what had happened the night Millie was killed. However, Blackout never got revenge. She even met up with the two girls one night, and they once again thanked her for saving their lives. Today, Blackout protects the innocent and kills the ones who turn people into victims. So beware, if you aren't being very good with you life, you may never see the light again... THE END. Authors note: Thx so much for reading!!! Im glad you enjoyed my story, and I look forward to writing more in the future! Have a good day!

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