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Band girls for life

Some of you have read my other stories and I wanted to make one that was a little different. Well, here you go. This is about a band who meet a boy band and... yeah.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Meet the band

Meet the band. Violet: Violet is the drummer of the group. She has black hair laced with blue and purple highlights. She likes to wear fully black clothes all the time though. She is quiet and keeps to herself. Her hobbies include listening to music, practising drumming, and playing the drums. Brooke: Brooke is one of the guitarists. She has ginger hair and usually wears it in a long ponytail or simple braid down her back. She wears mainly pink and purple clothes that consist of dresses and skirts. She is chatty and loud but likes to get things done so that she can do her hobbies more often. This includes; playing on her iPhone, and...playing on her iPhone! Chloe: Chloe is the other guitarist and backup singer. She has blond hair that comes down to her shoulders. She likes to wear shorts and tank tops. She is the positive girl of the group. She likes to remind others of how great and fabulous they are. She is the sensible one of the group and hangs out with Violet a lot. She likes to arrange things and beaten the studio up in her spare time as she has obsessive-compulsive disorder. And finally... Tanith She is mainly known as Tan to her friends and is the lead singer in the group. She also covers violet when she is not at the studio. She likes to wear leggings with crop tops most of the time with her favourite black baseball cap. She is the loud and silly one of the group but is sensible at times. Maybe she is a little responsible too. She likes to hang with Brooke and has been best friends with her since primary school. She is the only black girl of the group. Her friends heard or know about her being bullied for it in primary school and show her every ounce of respect that she deserves.

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