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Bad luck

Mallory Manroy is bad luck. Even her name means that. Few things have gone good around her. Lately she has been in a tricky situation dealing with family and friends. But the only thing that can help would be a little luck.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - Stroke of (bad) luck

I was on my way to school when the first unlucky thing happened. Everyone was sitting down and talking when I heard a hissing sound then, the bus slammed to a stop. Almost everyone tumbled out of their seats. The bus driver got out and went to see what happened. Turns out the tires popped. I sighed and took out my book. I was used to things like this happening. I could feel everyone glaring at me. They knew I was bad luck. Peter glared at me the hardest and said loud enough so everyone heard, “Mallory the bad luck magnet what's it like to be the cause of every inconvenience that has happened on this bus?” Anyone who wasn't glaring at me looked confused. “Oh you haven't heard?” Peter said to those confused, “Mallory means bad luck and that's all she is. A bad luck magnet.” I rolled my eyes and went back to reading. We were an hour late to school. My teacher, Mr Atlo was very angry even after I explained it and I got detention. What bugs me though, is Peter used his anger to sneak in so he wouldn't get in trouble too. I glared and him. It was going to be a very long day. After boring classes I walked to the detention room. My parents wouldn't be happy because they always tell me 'your name doesn't matter'. I was used to the route here as this wasn't the first time this had happened. Lots of bad luck ended me up here. I sat in a desk and took out a book. Ms Walz, the detention monitor, asked what I was reading. “Ummm... a novel.” I replied. “You know the rules. Homework only. You can only read school related books.” She said. I sighed and took out my homework. After the dreadful hour I walked home. I opened the door and heard my older sister and my mom fighting again. I sighed and wen upstairs to my room. I sat on my bed reading until my mom called up telling me dinner was ready. My older sister look upset so I assumed she lost the argument. I silently ate. Just as I was about to leave my mom announced we have new rules. “Rule one: If you go somewhere you will tell me first,” she paused and looked at my sister, “ Rule two: Detention is no longer acceptable,” she paused looking at me this time. My sister smirked, “All other rules from before are still valid.” My mom finished. “Aww but mom! It's not my fault my name means bad luck!” I said. My mom glared at me. “Your name doesn't control your life and you have been in detention one to many times.” She said. My sister snickered. My mom looked at her. “Lizzy go to your room while me and Mallory talk.” She said. Lizzy left but I knew she'd be around the corner listening. My mom turned to me. “Mallory you go to detention almost everyday. You better clean up your act or there will be consequences. In fact I expect you to not get detention anytime the next week or else we will do something about.” She said as she got up to leave. After she left I went to my room and sat on my bed. Life was so complex. My family's crazy and all my 'friends' avoid me now. I tried to fall asleep. I woke up at 2 am to a BANG from outside. I went out to see what had caused it. A group of people were throwing rocks at a house and one had cracked the window. When they saw me they ran. I picked up one of the rocks. Just then the lights in that house flicked on.


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