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Bad luck

Mallory Manroy is bad luck. Even her name means that. Few things have gone good around her. Lately she has been in a tricky situation dealing with family and friends. But the only thing that can help would be a little luck.

Created by: idcatthispoint

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Chapter 4 of 5 - Remembering Jack

As we drove to the hospital I felt more and more like it was my fault. As we approached I felt like this had happened before. I closed my eyes and searched my memory for any hospital visits like this before. Suddenly an image popped into my head. It was of a little boy, about the age of 4. He had brown hair, like mine, and green eyes, like mine. He was sitting in a hospital bed his eyes filled with tears. He had a deep cut on his head, just above his right eye. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. We were finally at the hospital. My mom and I walked into a room where Lizzy was. She had a cast on and she was glaring hatefully at me. Suddenly I felt dizzy and I sat down in a chair. I closed my eyes and saw the little boy again. This time his eyes were filled with anger. I had a flashback. It was of me around age 6 and the boy around age 6. “I hate you Mallory!” He was shouting. “You did this to me!” He pointed to a scar above his eye. “I wish you were never my twin!” He shouted and then he ran away with a slightly open bag full of clothes. I opened my eyes and looked at my mom. “Mom? Did I used to have a brother?” I asked quietly. Lizzy's eyes changed from showing hatred to showing sadness. “Jack...” my mom whispered. “Jack?” I repeated. “You used to have a twin... Jack...” My mom said. “Used to?” I said. “Yeah used to. But you made him run away when he was 6!” Lizzy cut in and glared at me. Several memories came back to me. Memories of me and Jack. One where it was our 4th birthday. I had tripped bumped into Jack and he landed face first on to a sharp rock. Many more memories of my bad luck hurting him. Some even hurting me. I opened my eyes as they filled with tears. Before I even knew what I was doing I was running out of the hospital. I ran back to my house. I locked my room door and sat on my bed. I stayed there as many more memories came back to me.


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