Avina of Moore

A girl named Avina lived in the land of Moore. The Rinland's and Moore's had been fighting for centuries though no one actually knew why. But there was always hate between the two Lands! Avina has always wanted to become a warrior! The fierce fighters that WERE Moore!!! Read along my story as she goes through life!! This is a tale of Mystery, Relationships, Action and Problems! Thanks for reading!
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Chapter 1 of 11 - Childhood

Far away in the land of Moore was a girl. Her name was Avina. She had dark brown hair and her eyes a beautiful green and she was 10 years old. She was a content girl but, her goals, dreams, and idols were different from other girls her age. She wanted to become a Warrior for the Order of the Night. The fierce fighters that WERE Moore! They were as stealthy as ninjas but, as strong as a samurai. They could do anything! Or so Avina thought in her little kid mind. She was out in a field one day when she genuinely wanted to become a Warrior. She was pretending she was fighting a Rinland Soldier who was well… to her if they were near, they were bad. Her parents raised her to hate Rinland's. And though that may seem harsh, Moore's and Rinland had been fighting for centuries. Every Moore child was raised to hate Rinland's. Every Rinland child was raised to hate Moore's. And that was just the way it was. Sooo… Avina was fighting a Rinland with a stick when there was a snap. She froze. And slowly turned to look in every direction. No one in sight. Then suddenly someone jumped on her. She was laying on the ground with someone on top of her back. “Ha-ha!!” Laughed an awfully familiar voice. It was Charder! “Got you!” He teased as he stood up and brushed himself off. Avina stood up and brushed herself off laughing. Charder was a young boy the same age as Avina and had black curly hair. Charder and Avina had been best friends all their life! Their moms were best friends too, and their dads worked together. So they often spent days at each other's house's. Originally Charder wanted to be a mill worker, like his dad but, once he met Avina and the thought of being a Warrior he quickly changed his mind. “What are you doing here? I didn't think you were coming today!” Avina said puzzled as she looked up from brushing herself off. “Ya Neither did I! Till my mom told me last minute.” He said in response. “Charder!! I am ashamed of you nevertheless!” She said in a joking tone. “ME!!! Why… why?!?!” He said to her also joking. She gave him a sly smile and walked up to him. Pointing a finger at him she said, “You were so loud!! I could hear you before you pounced! You gave yourself away!” HE stepped back and put his hands up in defense. They often critiqued each other on how to be a Warrior in this jokingly way. “I did not make a sound! I'm not that bad!! Thanks for your faith though!” He said. “Wait… that wasn't you? She said in a hushed tine glancing around franticly. “Whadaya mean?!?!” He said whispering back and following her gaze to a bush. “I think someone is watching us.” She said barely audible. He nodded. And grabbed her arm. She resisted but, looking into his eyes she stopped. They turned around. “Trust me.” He said without looking at her. “You're never supposed to turn your back to a threat!” She opposed. “I know but, I can't handle both of us. When I tell you, you run all the way out of the field.” He was going to take on the stranger himself! “I WILL NOT!” she said firmly. “I am fighting with you! I have wanted to be a warrior longer then you! I deserve a chance!” He sighed. “I had a feeling you would say that. Alright, once we know it's out, we will attack.” She nodded and clutched her stick in one hand then squeezed Charder's hand to reassure him. He squeezed back *One, Two, Three* Then they flung around and charged at the attacker. They immediately saw a Rinland soldier dressed in thick armor on a horse. “We can take him!” She said breathlessly to Charder. Then another appeared. Then another soon there were 10 soldiers ridding out of the forest. Avina and Charder slowed to a stop. The soldiers pranced into a circle around the kids, then stopped. One soldier that looked different than the rest rode up to the children. He looked huge from on his horse. He looked at them sternly and said in a low voice, “Hello, children.” Anger swelled up inside Avina. She hated being called a child. “I am not a child! I am 10!! She said loudly. The man looked at her surprised then laughed. Soon all the soldiers were laughing. “And what am I a 2-year-old?!?!” He said mocking her. Charder squeezed Avina's hand. She looked at him. And he simply shook his head no. Avina looked back at the man on the horse. “Do you know who I am??” He said. Then continued without giving them a chance to answer. “I am Prince Willmott, my father sent me to give you filthy Moore's a message.” Avina again was angered but hid it. “But you will give it for me.” He continued. “that is if you want to live.” He said grabbing his sword handle. Avina wanted to whack him with her stick but, did not want to hurt Charder or herself. He held out a scroll to Charder who grabbed it. Avina looked at Charder who just kept on staring at the man till he grabbed Avina's arm and swung her around. They walked away from the circle and did not sat a thing till the sound of horse's hoof beats had gone. Charder left out a sigh as if he had held it in the entire time. “Let's go straight home.” He said staring forward. He was angry at her. Why? She thought. “Ok… I am sorry though.” She said letting go of his hand and staring at the ground


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