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Avina of Moore

A girl named Avina lived in the land of Moore. The Rinland's and Moore's had been fighting for centuries though no one actually knew why. But there was always hate between the two Lands! Avina has always wanted to become a warrior! The fierce fighters that WERE Moore!!! Read along my story as she goes through life!! This is a tale of Mystery, Relationships, Action and Problems! Thanks for reading!

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 6 of 7 - Hurt and Happiness

“Thankyou!” Avina said cheerfully to the health maid when the maid told her she may leave. “Of course!” The maid was a short lady older than most people who are at the camp. “Mow, remember that you can always come to me if you need anything!” She said to Avina as Avina walked out the room. Avina smiled back at her and rushed out. Avina couldn't decide where she wanted to go. She didn't want to go start training RIGHT away because then Master Emory would question her again. Sooo she decided to go find Charder and then move on from there. She assumed that he didn't start training either. She began walking around the camp. She saw the meal hall the training arena and many more as she walked. It was very good for her she thought to do this so she might become more familiar with the place. She looked EVERYWHERE and she still could not find Charder finally she decided she must check the master's hall to see if he was there though she really did NOT want to. She walked to the back of camp and there she saw the magnificent Hall it was grand and mysterious. She stopped took a deep breath and walked in. She walked down a sort hallway till she came to a big door she opened it quietly and walked in she turned around to close it and did so. Then she turned back around and saw Charder in front of the master's, a guilty look on his face and all the master's looking at her. There emotions she could not figure out. “Hi…” she said walking up to Charder he did not respond but gave her a begging and apologetic look. “What??” She asked looking at the Masters. “Is it true?” asked Master Emory angrily. “Is what true?” She asked still confused. “Is it true that you met a young Rinland boy in training?!” He demanded. Avina was shocked and hurt. “I…I…” tears welled up in her eyes. “I can't believe you!” She whispered to Charder scorn and hurt in her voice. “I…” “STOP!” yelled the Headmaster. “We will be launching an attack on them tomorrow. And you will be punished for your dishonesty and disloyalty to the Warriors, for not killing him or capturing him…” Avina did not know what to do. She nodded and tried to hold back her tears. “And thank you, Charder, for telling us the truth…” Said one of the masters. Half saying it to show appreciation to Charder and half to bring down and scorn Avina. “And now I guess our talk will not be needed…at least for not the same reason.” Said Master Emory. Avina couldn't stand it anymore she turned and ran out. “Avina!!” She heard Charder call to her. She ran even faster. He betrayed her! COMPLETELY! She trusted him so much she told only him! She was broken inside. And felt as if she might never be able to forgive him… “AVINA!!” He called again but this time he was running after her. “She did not stop. Tears were trickling down her cheek as she ran. She finally got out the door but, Charder faster than her caught up to her. “Avina you have to listen!” He said grabbing her arm firmly. “NO!” she yelled yanking her arm away. “I trusted you… just don't…don't talk to me.” She began running away from him. “Avina!” “A little lover quarrels!” She heard Thome tease them both she turned back and glared at them both. “What's going on?” asked Renaud walking up to the scene. He saw Avina with tears down her face and Charder somehow worried and guilty “Nothing…” said Charder still looking at Avina begging her to come back. “Just a little lover fight…” teased Thome again. “Shut up!!” said Charder finally looking away towards Thome. “Leave them alone.” said Renaud to Thome. “Mind your own business.” The two boys started walking to Thome as he backed away. Avina saw his as her chance to get away from Charder…from everyone too, though. “Avina…” he called seeing her. But he didn't follow her. She ran into the woods and crouched against a tree and started crying hard. She cried for a little while and finally decided that she had to go and warn Ranulf. But that meant she had to go through the Warrior Camp and then find her way through the woods. And it was nighttime. “Not the best scenarios.” she thought to herself. She began running back to the camp. She ran through the dark and as she did, she heard the voice call out, again, “CURFEW TIME!! EVERYONE TO BED!” she ran insistently through the camp quietly to avoid detection. She finally ran back into the woods and was going to try to find the river when she heard Thome's voice, “Come on Guys…it was a joke that went wrong… I didn't mean to hurt the girl!” he said. Avina rolled her eyes. Charder and Renaud were evidently trying to beat up Thome, and she couldn't let them, despite how much she hated Thome. She sidetracked and ran in the direction of the voices. “Maybe you'll think before you try to mess with her then…” said Charder. “Ya, and maybe you will think before socking someone. Even if it was meant for me.” Said Renaud. Avina began running faster “And you will leave us alone…” said Charder again. “Guys… seriously… its two against one… no fair! It was a harmless joke!!” he said helplessly. Avina finally saw the three. They were in a clearing surround by trees and a few bushes. Thome was pushed against a tree and Charder and Renaud were in front of him getting ready to beat him up. Avina ran in the clearing. “STOP!!” she yelled right in time before they hit him. All three turned to her across the small clearing. “Get out of here, Thome…” She demanded. “what…umm…” “JUST GO!” she yelled as she walked to Renaud and Charder. He quickly ran away from them. “What was that?!” said Renaud “Ya, come on! We had him!” agreed Charder “Don't you appreciate that we were getting payback for you!?!” Avina was now where they were. “No, I am still mad at you.” She said to Charder “And you…I don't know.” She said to Renaud. “Anyway, he was right you can't just do it like that! A true Warrior wouldn't do that…. Now go back to camp it's curfew.” She turned away and began walking into the woods. Renaud began walking away but Charder stood staring at Avina angrily as she walked away. “A TRUE warrior wouldn't spare a Rinland, and then tell no one.” Renaud and Avina both froze Avina slowly turned around and glared at Charder. Renaud saw what was happening and tried to help, “Charder, let's go. Leave her be.” “NO! I bet you she is going to warn her little boyfriend!” Renaud suddenly was angry too. “Wait you were going to do that!?” “ARE… now go to bed.” She began jogging away. “NO!! YOU CAN'T! Yelled Charder. He ran and grabbed her arm. “I won't let you! Help me Renaud!” Renaud ran to them and grabbed her other arm. “Ugh!! Come on you guys let go!” She said straining. “I am sorry Avian We can't let you go tell them!” Avina knew she was running out of time. And so she tried to use reverse psychology on them. She relaxed her arms. Did not tense her arms and stopped pulling. She stood there for a couple minutes. Then she yanked as hard as she could. Both tightened their grip just in time. She breathed deeply and tried to calm down but the more she did the more stressed out she got. She felt a little lightheaded. She instantly decided what to do. She quickly ran backwards and yanked her arms. She was free! The boys were on the floor still confused on what happened. Avina shook her arms because they hurt so much from the boy's hard firm grip. And then began running as fast as she could. She looked back at them and Charder shook his head in disappointment and Renaud was evidently angry. She wanted to turn and run back but, couldn't. All the people that could be killed tomorrow if she did not warn them. The Warriors would have no mercy she suspected. Even the boys in training…and Ranulf. She couldn't let that happen. She began sprinting to where she thought the river was. She soon heard the rushing of water and headed straight to it. No time to waste. She slowed once she was very close and began to creep to make sure no one was there. How she was going to get Renaud… she wasn't sure. She assumed she would have to sneak into the camp. And that just added on to the stress. She got to the edge of the river and walked into it she tried to get across as quietly as possible. She splashed and struggled through the water though it wasn't rushing too fast. She got to the other side and was practically out of breath. She didn't know what time it was but assumed it was around midnight. She walked aimlessly hoping she was walking in the right direction. She walked for a while until she saw lights. It was the camp. She held her breath an began to run in that direction. When she got near, she walked on tiptoe into the camp. There were no guards or walls, so they thought Moors were far away. But, little did they know they were near neighbors. She walked on looking at all the buildings and shacks. They seemed to be like a mini town. There was a walkway down the middle of all the cabins and halls. She walked down the walkway watching her back and looking at both sides. She couldn't decide how in the world she was going to find Ranulf. She got lost in thought and began thinking about Charder and Renaud. How Charder had betrayed her trust to him. Was starting to be distant too. “He was right…” She stared at the ground totally forgetting where she was. She thought about Renaud. He had stepped in to help her and he just…she didn't know but there was something about him... Suddenly she bumped into someone. She jumped back and drew her dagger. It was Ranulf!! They stared at each other in silence. Then they jumped forward and hugged each other. Avina was sooo relieved. She motioned for him to come and they ran back down the walkway. They ran for a while until they came to the river. They hopped through the river and finally they got far enough away. “Oh! I am so glad to see you!” Said Ranulf. “I have gone to the river every night since we met…that sounded weird…sorry.” Avina smiled. Ranulf was the type of friend that you were always glad to see. That did not have a thing wrong about them but, was still mysterious and interesting. No matter how little you saw them they were the best and most faithful. “Ya…but, there is something I really need to tell you…” The smile was taken away from his face. “What is it?” He asked worriedly. “Our people…. they are going to attack your camp…tomorrow...” she finished sadly. “You need to tell your commander!” She insisted “You...you gave away your peoples plan, for our peoples sake…” He said quietly. She looked at him questioningly. “You didn't tell them… did you?! A…about us??” “NO! no…but I just didn't think you felt the same way…about our countries…” He said She sighed. “I couldn't let so many innocent people die or get hurt…because of me…” “Wait…you told them!” “NO! I told my best friend and he told the council… I shouldn't have trusted him…but I thought I could... I don't know anymore.” I am sorry...” he said putting his hand on her shoulder. She turned to him, “You really should go back...and tell them.” She said. “Ya, you are right…” he stood up and she did too. “Goodbye… I hope I see you tomorrow…at the battle…hopefully before one of us…die…” He said sadly. The words stung Avina's heart. She suddenly realized…she liked this boy… “Goodbye…Ranulf, I will miss you…” She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He looked into her eyes. Avina's eyes started watering up again. He smiled as a tear trickled down his cheek. They walked away slowly, and both started running away. Avina was a wreck. She was hurt that Charder and Renaud had betrayed her and happy to know Ranulf cared about her. But, when she got back to camp Charder probably told the council, everyone would hate her, Charder, Renaud, Eva, all the students, the council, and she would probably be punished really hard, or be removed from the Order of the Warriors.


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