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Yes. Quite an odd story: Starring 12 characters who are all girls. Oh yeah, and they're dolls, too.Autumn and Nellie are trying to stop Peaches and Ferry from taking over the world.Nova wants to save earth and humanity. But how?Onyx wants to become an Onyx warrior, but Mariellie needs Onyx to stay by her side, because she is her only friend.Lema, Lima, and Citrus Posie need to spend some quality time together. What they choose to spend the time with brings the sisters together and they have lots of fun.Sugar and Prilly work to bring their burnt village forest back.
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Chapter 1 of 3 - Them (Me having fun with descriptions)

Autumn lives in a stereotypical world where everyone wears the same outfit every day. It isn't much of a bother to Autumn, who doesn't even know this (Autumn is a doll). She always has puffy, shoulder-length lavender hair that melts into strawberry gummy bear pink. Her nine kitsune tails are pink with light orange tips. She always wears a tank top and a pleated skirt. And Bumble, her bumblebee and loyal companion, follows her all day. Her eyes are pink, and gold-rimmed, pink glasses rest on her button nose. Peaches is a total yandere. The sweetest of sweetie pies, but an assassin all the same. She battles in a pink sports bra and pink skirt. Her hair is long, fading peach to strawberry milk pink. Her eyes are always thick with mascara. She wears glasses much like Autumn's. Her sidekick, or whatever she is (no one was sure what kind of relationship they're in), Ferry, half sister of Luci Ferra, ruler of hell, never fails to show up at Peaches' side. She looked exactly the same as Peaches, except her outfit is red instead of pink, and her hair fades red to gray in a ponytail, her matching glasses red-shaded, silver-rimmed. Even though Ferry works next to Peaches, Peaches treats her like an equal, and they fight together always. Nellie is Autumn's best friend, who dreamed of becoming a model, but was constantly turned down because of her overly quirky clothing style. Nellie never changed, though: Same dark blue to toxic green ponytail, orange suit, orange ripped jeans, and orange hightops. And her nervous blushing never went away. Nova, who always looks totally starstruck, was born among the stars. She is a supremely celestial being, able to survive in the endless universe and planet earth alike. Her hair is long and windswept, golden to a light shimmery yellow like the sun. Her eyes are yellow too, always shimmering. In the village of Jangmi lives three sisters and two best friends: Mariellie dreams of the ocean every night. Her hair is short with side swept bangs, darkish blue to baby blue. She wears big blue square glasses, a plain blue t-shirt and skirt of the same color, and her eyes are big and blue. Mariellie's best friend, Onyx, dreams of becoming an Onyx warrior like her deceased father. She has purple to blue hair tied in two round buns at the top of her head. Her eyes are a dark blue like Mariellie's, but rounder in shape. Her glasses are round with gray shades. She always wears a purple t-shirt. Her prized possession is of course, Le black onyx blade. Lema (LEE-ma), the oldest and seemingly wisest of her three sisters, doesn't talk much (She's a dandere). When her mouth is closed, it looks like she has no mouth at all. But she does. Lema says she only speaks when she needs to. Her yellow to slightly lighter yellow hair fluffs out a little and falls to her chin. She wears a yellow baseball cap, yellow t-shirt (sweatshirt wrapped around her waist), and yellow rain boots. Her eyes are yellow. Lima (LIE-ma), is the second oldest at 14. She looks annoyed all the time, but always opens up to her sisters. Her wavy, waist-length hair is a lime green with dark green tips. She wears biker gloves, an off-the-shoulder lime ruffle top, ripped jeans, and hightops. Citrus Posie, at 13, is witty and sweet. Her hair is orange at the top and fades to light pink in a pixie cut. She has cute orange glasses and orange eyes with heart-shaped pupils. She wears biker gloves like Lima's. And finally, There's Sugar and Prilly who are best friends. Sugar is smart and mature, with snow white hair in a chunky bob and bangs. Her glasses are a dusty blue, covering icy eyes. Her mouth is a little squiggle. Sugar loves to wear her comfy baby blue sweater with gray shorts and blue hightops. She was also born with a little imp tail. Prilly is super edgy and a little insecure, but she has Sugar to support her. Prilly's leaf green to yellow-green hair is in a short bob, but it isn't particularly straight, more spiky. A long piece of hair is in her face, covering her right eye. She wears a cold-shoulder, linen buttoned shirt with rolled up green sweatpants, and black Mary Jane shoes.


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